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&Why..., Bali Lane

Brought to you by the same folks from I am... is &Why..., a more chic and sophisticated setting that screams "New York! New York!" and serving totally different food compared to I am...

If you're looking for a place to bring your hot date, this is one place you can consider. With the warm lighting and soothing music playing at the back, I was surprised when I found that this place is from the same owners of I am... It's a whole different concept!

I liked that &Why... is just a few steps away from I am... That way, it's not a long walk if my fickle mind suddenly changes its appetite and and would like to go for something a little more cafe-style.

To start off, we tried some of their mocktails.

I had the Rosy Cheeks ($6.90) and boy, was this a looker! Doused with ruby sugar crystals all over the glass rim and cherries on top, this sweet drink reminded me of being a kid again with its bubble gum flavours.

We also tried the Adam's Apple ($7.90) which I found was very refreshing. A fizzy apple-flavoured drink with selasih seeds. I personally love selasih seeds in my drink, but if you're not a fan of them, you can always tell the waiter to opt it out for you.

We were also recommended the Smooth Criminal ($7.90) to try and it did steal my breath away. I personally liked the bubble gum flavouring in the drinks, but to some, you may find that it tastes a little like kids medicine. Call me crazy, but I love it!

I did however thought the mocktails over at I am... were much better and tasted just as good at their alcoholic counterparts. But over here at &Why... the mocktails are more creative and different.

For starters, we had the Waffle Fries and Steak ($13.90). I could not have enough of this! I told myself that I was going to cut down on some carbs, but this dish totally broke me. I practically finished the whole thing -- waffle fries, cheese, green chilli peppers and beef steak. This is a must order!

I was feeling up for some fish that day and decided to go for the Sweet Miso Cod ($26.90). This did not disappoint. I was so torn between this dish and the Waffle Fries and Steak as my favourite dish for the night. I especially loved the sweet miso sauce and how it complemented the cod fish. Just lovely.

We were recommended their Oriental Crabmeat Pasta ($19.90), one of the signatures. This was an interesting dish and perfect for those of you who love chilli crab. Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of crabs and this dish didn't stand out much to me as much as the other dishes.

And down to my favourite course of a meal, DESSERT! We picked the most Instagram worthy dessert just to see if it tastes as good as it looks. And true as it can be, the Orchid Panna Cotta ($12.90) was the Belle of the night, beautiful on the outside and inside. This is possibly one of the most interesting panna cottas I've ever tried. It was sweet, soft, silky and had a hint of floral orchid flavour that went well with the raspberry cream and the base that was made out of pistachios. Another must try, in my opinion.

The owners of I am... and &Why... served me up with one of the most pleasant surprises ever. As mentioned in my review of I am... I usually do not have high expectations of Halal western restaurants and these two restaurants have easily made the list of "must go back" restaurants. Truly Halal food done right!

I'd say it's one of the most perfect places to bring my Malaysian Muslim friends to whenever they come down to Singapore for a visit.

Check out our review on I am... here too.

&Why... 30/31 Bali Lane,

189867 Singapore

Tel: +65 6291 0993

Opening Hours:

Thursday - Tuesday 11am - 11pm

Closed Every Wednesday

#HajiLane #Halal #Halalfood #Halalwesternfood

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