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WOK°15 Kitchen, ONE°15 Marina

WOK°15 Kitchen is located at one of the most prestigious places in Singapore and you know you are bound for a treat here. Especially, with fleets of yachts parked just outside of where you are eating.

We had an amazing series of food prepared for us, let's have a look at what WOK°15 Kitchen has to offer its guests.

The Chilled Cumcumber with Garlic was a good start to the whole experience. Elements of cool and spicy were in play to kick start your palate for the rest of the dishes to come.

Yum! You know you can't go wrong with Deep Fried Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk. To be honest, I was afraid it was going too be too oily for my liking, but it was not at all! It was crisp yet balanced. The perefct thing to snack on this while waiting for your mains.

While pork belly at other joints generally have a crispy skin on it, this one was really more focused on getting the meat and its vegetable to bring the whole flavour of the pork belly. I personally prefer this interpretation over the traditional preparation!

The Deep Fried Marble Goby and Deluxe Soya Sauce was definitely one of the highlights of this place. This fish didn't carry a strong fishy taste/smell, I guess mainly due to the way it was prepared and the soya sauce which had slight hints of sweetness that definitely complimented the entire dish well! Would definitely come back on a personal level to get this again.

Nothing makes me happier than tender beef! I was literally going bite after bite with this one, and the garlic flakes added an additional layer of texture and flavour to the entire dish.

While the Chilli Crab and Mantou was really great and not too spicy, I just felt that the sauce was too heavy for my liking that it overwhelmed the meat. Do note it's going to take some work too get into the meat!

The food is amazing on its own, but definitely better when paired with a bottle from Jules Taylor.

Check out which wine would be a great pair for which dishes here.

WOK°15 Kitchen

ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove


11 Cove Drive

Sentosa Cove

Singapore 098497

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