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Jules Taylor Wines, Singapore

Marlborough, New Zealand is definitely one of the few regions of New World wines for consideration whenever you are looking for a wine to impress. In an equally impressive setting, Jules Taylor wines, a wine from Marlborough, decided to have its launch of wines on a yacht, which set sail from the One15 Marina, out to the open Singapore waters and then resting a while at Lazarus Island, before docking back at Sentosa Cove.

I had the privilege of trying these new Jules Taylor wines while on the yacht and here's what I have to say.

They have two labels for your consideration, The Better Half and On The Quiet which is a more premium selection.

I got to try their Chardonnay which was light bodied and floral in flavour. I think it is an easy to drink wine which something everyone can try, great if you are considering a diverse group of palates. We had this as a starter wine and it was great to whet the appetite for our Chinese cuisine lunch. This is absolutely perfect as a wine to kickstart any meal before going into anything heavier.

Comparing this to the Chardonnay, the Sauvignon Blanc does a pack a bit more of a punch on the tastebuds. This is particular variety is meant to be paired with food such as the the amazing Fried Fish Skin at WOK15. It gives off a beautiful aroma that will make one very eager to taste it.

If you are looking for a red, the Better Half Pinot Noir does not disappoint. It is indeed light bodied that it allows the food that you pair it with to shine instead of overpowering it. It is has hints of spice and earthy textures which makes is a perfect wine to pair with Asian cuisines, in my humble opinion. Of course, great with meats like stir-fried black pepper beef. Now, who says wine can't go well with Chinese food?

The On The Quiet Sauvignon Blanc is a more serious wine compared to The Better Half's Sauvignon Blanc, the acidity of the wine is definitely more present due to its overall earthy taste profile, I believe part of the flavour is contributed from its selection of French Oak Barrels.

The On The Quiet Pinot Noir drives towards the border of being medium bodied, with more texture and earthy/nutty flavour profile due to the higher level of tannins present. This is a great wine to finish off a meal with, in my opinion.

Jules Taylor wines are currently only available for purchase while dining at Wok15 at One15 Marina at Sentosa Cove. The exclusive line of wines surprisingly pair perfectly with ALL the Chinese food offerings there. It is one of those labels that would have your wedding guests asking which brand of wines you chose, if you do choose to have a wedding party at Wok15 with these wines.

The wines are pretty affordable and range from $60 onwards. We do hope that one day the Jules Taylor wines will be made available for retail purchase as these wines will surely impress any one you decide to gift it to!

Jules Taylor Wines @ Wok15 #01-01 11 Cove Drive 098497, Jln Sentosa, Singapore

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