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Provisions, Dempsey Road, Singapore

Provisions at Dempsey Road is Singapore’s first skewers and claypot rice cocktail bar where you can enjoy your night with your friends while indulging in potent cocktails.

I loved how cozy the interor of the restaurant was. It just had a sort of old school touch to it that was very comfortable.

We were first introduced to the Pig Ear Fritters ($12). Yes, your eyes have not deceived you, this is indeed pig’s ears. And this is one of their signature side dish, served crispy and seasoned with five spice.

If you love Shilin Fried Chicken, you'll be in for a ride with this. My perception of this dish totally changed after taking the first bite, chewy and flavourful, plus it wasn’t too oily. Just lovely.

Everyone knows that salted egg is a hype almost everywhere in Singapore. I, for one, love salted egg dishes too, so I couldn’t help myself and just had to order the Salted Egg Sotong ($8). The sotong and salted egg was such a good blend. Smooth, crunchy and flavourful with every bite!

Meat lovers will definitely love this Chicken Thigh ($5) at Provisions. The meat was tender and juicy and squeezing the lime into it really brought out the flavours.

In my opinion, the perfect steak is done somewhere in between medium to medium well to retain its juiciness. This beef sirloin ($10) skewer has clearly met my expectations. What’s interesting about this dish is that it’s topped with kicap manis (sweet soy sauce), burnt leek and oolong. I thought the oolong gave it a very nice smokey flavour and a nice Asian touch to dish.

This was one of my favourite dishes of the night, Seafood Claypot Rice ($16). It has lard in it! I repeat! It has lard in it! I know it’s unhealthy, but it tastes oh-so goooood! And there was something about the rice that tasted a little different (good kind of different).

So apparently, Provisions mixes five different grains of rice in this one delicious dish. And like with most claypot rice dishes, I found myself scraping the bottom of the pot for the yummy charred bits.

If you’re one who loves your porky dishes, try Provision’s Mix Pork Claypot Rice ($14)! It consists of pork belly and intestines (which is one of my favourite types of food)! Unlike many pork claypot rice, the intestines were cleaned thoroughly and didn’t have a pungent taste!

We had a talk with Justin Foo, the owner and chef of Provisions, and he said that once, a customer even broke the claypot from scraping the bottom too hard. Now that goes to show how yummy this dish is.

Since the Bandung McFizz is not available in McDonald’s anymore, fret not, the Bantai Bandung ($14), one of the creations by KC Rahmat, Provision’s co-owner and head bartender, is always on the menu at Provisions.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will like this sweet cocktail. Be warned, the sweetness does mask the strong alcohol taste, so go slow on this. What I absolutely loved about this was the chendol bits in the drink, giving it a slight “kampong” feel.

For something strong and fruitier, you can opt for the Passionately Dark & Stormy ($17). After a long day at work, this would be the cherry on top to end my day. I loved how the sour notes from the passionfruit and lime complimented the smokey rum flavours.

If you’re like me with a separate stomach just for desserts, you will not be disappointed with their array here.

The Cempedak & Coconut ($8) was recommended and I loved it instantly! The cempedak (jackfruit) was grilled and topped with peanuts, while coconut ice cream dripping with gula melaka sauce was served on the side! This dish is indeed a great marriage of flavours.

Imagine vanilla ice-cream melting over a warm deep fried banana. Yum. Provisions’ Pisang Sundae ($8) was a good end to our hearty dinner. The banana was freshly fried and still crispy when it was served.

Wonder what to do on a lazy Sunday, why not have brunch over at Provisions? For every five skewers you order, you'd get one free. Plus, Sangrias will be going for ($10)! That's a recipe for a chilled-out boozy Sunday, if you ask me.

Provisions 7 Dempsey Road Singapore 249671 Tel: +65 6250 7090

Operating Hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 4.00pm – 1.00am Friday & Saturday: 4.00pm – 2.00am Sunday: 10.30am – 3.00pm Closed on Mondays

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