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Juice Station, Perth

With most of us on-the-go daily, picking up a cold-pressed juice seems like a quicker and more convenient way to add more fruits and vegetables into our lives while reaping the benefits and rewards.

Initially, I had questioned these marketers that claim replacing meals with these magic potions are necessary to allow your digestive system to take a break. However, after meeting with Juice Station's owner and hearing her side of the story, I learned to appreciate the goodness of this concept.

Pahnan Dear said she felt that she needed to start this business after her terminally ill husband made a miraculous recovery from an Inflammatory Bowel Disease following his daily consumption of cold pressed juices as a last resort move. She found that like her husband back then, many Australians drink a lot of carbonated and alcoholic beverages, not enough water, and lack eating sufficient portions of fruits and vegetables.

By operating her pop up juice bar with her husband at London Court in Perth city last month, she aims to educate the public about the importance of including the right amount and types of food in one's diet. I was delighted to hear the juices are all 100 per cent pure and raw, with no added sugar.

What's even more exciting is their ten flavours not only look vibrant, but they have catchy names that carry many health perks.

Every week, Juice Station comes up with 4 cocktails (or mocktails, you prefer) of juices for you to pick from.

I had the Empty Tank, Antioxidant which consists of apple, beetroot, watermelon and mint (pic above), Naked Mojito, and Root Reboot. The Antioxidant selection was refreshing tasty, and actually very filling. This drink is said to aid heart, memory and mood problems. If I had to pick a favourite, this would be it.

Remember when mom would not let you leave the dinner table unless you had eaten all your greens? Well, Juice Station's current best sellers, Empty Tank (green bottle) is made up of green apple, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon and roman lettuce, while Root Reboot (orange bottle), a mix of carrot, ginger, apple, lemon and turmeric, will definitely take care of that matter.

The benefits of these juices include improving digestive systems while decreasing kidney stone conditions. Some of the other influences include prevention against nausea, heartburn and bad cholesterol.

The Root Reboot juice had a pretty strong turmeric and ginger taste, however once I had finished the whole bottle I felt rejuvenated!

The final bottle with its bright yellowish green contents consists of green apple, mint and pineapple. The concoction reminded me of a cocktail mix I had recently, and true enough it is playfully named Naked Mojito. This mix boldly claims to help in cancer prevention, decreasing the damage of sport injuries and relieves allergy symptoms. It was a delicious and great way to end my one day detox programme.

The recommended intake for these juices are six 500ml bottles, replacing all meals for the day. Each of bottle costs $9.90. Alternatively, you can enjoy a 320ml bottle for $6.90.

After my first cleanse experience, I would have to admit that it is an expensive affair, but everyone should definitely do it at least twice a year, especially if you don't usually consume enough vegetables and fruits in your diet.

I would definitely go back to Juice Station again, simply because they do not only focus on the weight loss part of a cleanse programme, but they also share a secret recipe that saved their life, hoping that it will save another.

Juice Station

Shop 647/48 London St,

North Perth WA 6000

Tel: 0481 534 075


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm; Closed on weekends

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