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Ten Moons Resort, Ko Lipe

When I first researched Ko Lipe, looking at the map, it seemed easy enough to get around the island. That's because I wasn't really looking at its terrain. If you're going to Ko Lipe, typically you'd pick a beach and stick to it. I chose the main beach - which is where we docked and also close to the Walking Street.

But I also wanted to explore the other beaches like Sunrise Beach. I heard it was cleaner and quieter. So one night, for dinner, we made our way to Ten Moons resort at Sunrise Beach.

They had wanted to host us too but because of the chalets that were being renovated, we settled on just enjoying a meal here instead.

Indeed, what people say about Sunrise Beach is true. It is quieter but for its cleanliness, I have to say the whole Ko Lipe has clean beaches and sand.

Regardless, we wanted to enjoy some quiet time for dinner and started off our meal with a couple of freshly squeezed juices.

Later, the manager chose some of their popular offerings and served them to us. We got to try the salmon bruschetta with capers.

We also got to try their beef burger - which was a huge portion and great for sharing. The beef patty was so juicy and whatever cravings I had for western food was fulfilled with this one dish!

We had come from Langkawi to Ko Lipe and enjoyed a great olio prawn dish at Tapaz just the night before. But when we saw this dish on the menu, we simply had to try it. The olio prawn was surprisingly delicious and super fresh.

We also tried their seafood tomato sauce pizza which was actually really crispy and I loved the crust!

This part of Sunrise Beach had a lot of rocks but I'm sure the sunrise is gorgeous. I love that Ko Lipe is still largely developing and not overcrowded yet!

For more information on Ten Moons Resort at Ko Lipe, visit their website here.

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