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Tapaz, Langkawi

Before I start the full review of this place, I have two words for you: BEER ATM. Yes, that's right, the owner of Tapaz is planning on installing a beer ATM soon next door to Tapaz.

Okay, let's get right into it now. The first time I visited Tapaz was about three years ago, I believe. It was when I visited Langkawi with my friends and also stayed at Tubotel. The owner, Alex Mark, invited us for a meal at Tapaz and it was a meal I couldn't forget for years.

So when we we told him we were coming back to Langkawi as the foodievstheworld team this year, he, of course, insisted we enjoy a meal again at Tapaz.

Tapaz is newly renovated and because Alex is so hands on with everything he does, he even did some of the renovations with his workers. Talk about a dedicated business owner! Three years down the line, my second visit to Tapaz, the food and the place was as stunning as before. We started off with a simple greek salad, something easy on the palate.

Then we were served the dish that I had been dreaming of for three years - the Olio Prawns. A classic Spanish tapas dish, the Olio Prawns is an appetiser that sets the benchmark for any Spanish restaurant for me. And for Tapaz, they have surpassed the benchmark and set their own standard for how good Olio Prawns should taste.

In fact, all the seafood dishes here at Tapaz are to die for. Their seafood platter which had a generous serving of prawns and squid was so fresh and cooked to utter perfection. A little fun anecdote about Alex is that because he is located right at the harbour, he is often invited on board yachts to cook for some very rich and famous people. He once served former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir.

Surprisingly, however, though I had really high expectations for the olio prawns, nothing could have prepared me for the culinary prowess of the team that executed the best ever garlic butter prawns I have ever tasted. When the garlic butter sauce hit my tastebuds, I had entered some kind of gastronomic nirvana. Never had I tasted anything so decadent and so mouthwatering before. I think I easily finished the whole bowl of sauce myself.

But seafood isn't the only thing Tapaz does well. As a restaurant serving European cuisine, they have mastered the art of cooking meat too. We loved the lamb rack that was served to us - it was perfectly cooked. Super juicy, tender and fresh too!

We also got to try their beef, which was also just as juicy as the lamb and had a little spice to it, which our local tastebuds appreciated very much.

Overall, I would have to say Tapaz has not just remained consistent throughout the years, they have gone above and beyond to continue raising the standards of good food in Langkawi.

Tapaz Restaurant Perdana Quay Telaga Harbour,

A1 & A2, Pantai Kok, Kedah, 07000

Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia

Open daily from 11am-11pm

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