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Red Tomato, Langkawi

When I recently went to Langkawi for a quick 3D2N getaway, I decided that I wanted to explore more food options to see what was available. The previous trips to Langkawi, there was little opportunity to explore much. So this time, I made it a point to visit all the top spots in Langkawi and of course, Red Tomato had to be at top of that list.

Anyone who has been to Langkawi and the Pantai Cenang area will be familiar with Red Tomato. The brand has been around for decades and it is easily recognisable with its bright red logo and central location. If you're looking for breakfast early in the morning or even a nice place to have brunch with friends, this will pop up as one of the go-to places.

We were told that the specialties here were their smoothies and that was what we decided to start our meal off with. We tried the blueberry, avocado and raspberry smoothies, which were each as tasty and thick as the other. The ingredients are all fresh and that absolutely rings true in the natural flavour of the drink. As Red Tomato is a family run restaurant and one of the owners hails from Europe and brings with her classic European recipes onto our shores. One of the must-tries here at Red Tomato which will make you wonder why you haven't tried anything like it before, is the tarte flambe.

The tarte flambe here at Red Tomato is quite similar to our thin-crust pizzas except that its ingredients are so rich and decadent, it is far more superior than any pizza you could ever think of.

The tarte flambe is a German dish which is made of crispy thin pastry, creme fraiche and cheese. We chose to go with a salmon and capers option (RM30), which in my opinion, was possibly the best option to choose from in the menu. Smoked salmon is one protein that goes so perfectly with creamy sauces, that it is almost a no-brainer!

For pastas, we tried the beef bacon carbonara (RM24.50), which was a really rich rendition of the dish. Delicious, but quite filling, so you might want to share this with a couple of friends.

Next we also tried an eggs Benedict (RM18.50), which is a lovely brunch dish to have (especially if you've been partying hard the next day). The portions here at Red Tomato are sizeable and definitely worth the price, so if you're a big eater, you will love these dishes.

And for dessert, yes, we had dessert for lunch! - we were treated to a lovely banana chocolate waffle we couldn't get enough of! The cherry on the top of the whole meal was when we were told that Red Tomato is opening in Kuala Lumpur at TREC! Definitely something we're looking forward to trying.

Red Tomato No. 5 Casa Fina, Jalan Pantai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia Open daily from 9AM-11PM

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