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Foret Blanc, Petaling Jaya

Foret Blanc requires little introduction. Since its opening, it has already created plenty of hype for itself. To no surprise either - with its beautifully crafted desserts that match in flavour.

Foret Blanc is the type of place you will want to head to for tea with friends on the weekends because of its comfortable atmosphere and wide range of dessert choices.

Their desserts are also extremely Instagram-worthy. One of their best selling items is their Berry Mallow Corn (RM24.90). Unicorn lovers will flock to the cafe to be treated to a sweet medley of ingredients in this dessert. It may seem like quite a simple dish but with over 10 types of elements in this dish, it is far from basic. Even as non-chefs, you would be able to appreciate the effort that goes into this creation.

Another favourite is Happy Polar (RM24.50). This is an equally cute dessert that looks great on Instagram. We loved how refreshing the dessert was and this innocent looking dessert actually contains a little alcohol. It tasted quite like a mojito of sorts! Perfect for a hot afternoon.

This Yuzu Garden (RM23.50) turned out to be my favourite dessert of the day. I am neutral about yuzu as an ingredient on its own, but the marriage of flavours in this whole dessert dish proved that yuzu, if treated correctly, could outshine any other citrus flavour. I especially loved the green tea sponge that made the "garden" come alive. Props to the chefs who made this dish with so much creativity, the dish wouldn't look out of place in any five star restaurant.

The star of the show for the day was definitely the banana leaf waffle 2.0. The Indian-flavoured waffle is a savoury dessert. The base of the waffle is made with the same recipe as the vade snack is. The waffle is paired with a tomato chutney, mint chutney, yogurt, mango curry chantilly and coconut ice cream. The flavours come together so well to harmoniously provide that sweet and savoury taste that only good Indian food can. We loved this dish and couldn't get enough of the chantilly!

Finally, for the most sinful dessert we tried here, we had their triple salted yolk waffle (RM24.50). Layers upon layers of sinful salted yolk is what makes this dish such a decadent choice. Might we suggest it be shared among two to three, otherwise it may end up being a little too "jelak" for some. Salted egg yolk sauce (add RM3) is poured over the salted egg yolk lava cake and the waffle on which it sits on is generously piped with salted egg yolk cream cheese. We could barely walk after tasting this dessert.

If you're a fan of elaborate desserts, then you will love Foret Blanc. The thought that goes behind creating each and every dessert here is simply admirable.

Foret Blanc 49-G, Petaling Utama Avenue,

Jalan PJS 1/50, Taman Petaling Utama,

46150 Petaling Jaya

Open Tuesday to Thursday: 1PM - 9PM

Friday to Sunday: 1PM - 10PM Closed on Monday

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