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Maguro Donya, Suntec City Mall

I love my sashimi and sashimi, of course, is always done best by authentic Japanese places. At Maguro Donya, they have sashimi brought to the table by their own team of fish trawlers back in Japan.

Instead of the typical freezing for export when the fish dies after catching, how they catch their fish and maintain its freshness is by freezing them alive at minus 60 degrees celsius right upon catching them, which is probably the freshest you can get to catching the fish yourself.

We've looked into some of their amazing offerings, and I can understand why Maguro Donya received a mention in the 2017 Michelin Guide.

I started off with their Five Cut Sashimi ($51.90++). Presented in a really aesthetic manner comes with the maguro slices prepared in different styles, you can also see the fantastic marbling on the meat. Fresh and delicate, you could almost taste the ocean, as the fish melts in your mouth almost like jelly. The torched maguro has a cooked texture and scent of chargrill without compromising its taste, while the frozen maguro has a delightful bland but clean taste.

My personal favourite was the O-toro Don set ($39.90++). Fresh and virtually free from tendons, with a fatty texture almost like butter and you can indulge in the fish without the overall flavour being too cloying. The rice is sweet as complements the o-toro don well. The slight vinegar taste in the rice brings out the flavour, which I believe makes the pairing a match made in heaven. My only qualm was the accompanying miso soup, that seemed to lack depth, what I perceive to be somewhat "off the shelf" taste.

The Megumi Special Set ($49.90++) was an interesting combination of flavours and textures that seem to carry certain characteristics of other commonly eaten meat, as it comprises of the Big Eye Maguro (top right), medium rare Chutoro Steak (top left) and the Blue Fin Maguro Collarbone (bottom).

First is the Big Eye Maguro, it was a nice chunk of the fish for indulgence, without having to deal with the entire fish.

I believe it is meant to let the other parts of the set to shine, such as the medium rare Chutoro Steak, which comes with a generous portion of garlic, it provides a savoury flavour and texture almost akin to having medium rare beef.

After which, we finally landed on the Blue Fin Maguro Collarbone, which had a grilled overall flavour to it and I love how it has a firm texture and almost tastes like pork, while the skin comes with a glazed look.

If raw sashimi is not your thing, you can consider the Maguro Rare Katsu ($36). It is lightly battered yet crispy, which is overall an interesting texture and tastes a bit like chicken despite it being tuna. Only thing I didn't like was, the salad on the side was a bit too minty for my liking.

Last but not least, when you are here in Maguro Donya, do have a go at the Uni Ikura Misaki Roll a.k.a. Godzilla Roll ($64++). It was a really interesting experience as you have multiple flavour profiles and textures in one, as you can feel feel the the juiciness of the salmon roe as well as sea urchin, it dances around with the salmon and the rice in your mouth.

After trying all of the above dishes, if you are looking for good and fresh maguro, I am sure that Maguro Donya will not disappoint you.

Maguro Donya

Suntec City Mall

3 Temasek Blvd,


Singapore 038983

Opening Hours:

Monday-Sunday 11:30am-2:30pm 5:30pm-10:30pm

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