• Nicole Voon

King of Pizza - Pezzo, Singapore

Pezzo Singapore is introducing a new flavour of pizza! The exciting and a little eccentric flavour is Singapore's own King of Fruits inspired and is called the Durian Charcoal Pizza!

Pezzo, the largest homegrown pizza Chain in Singapore is here to wow us with their new creation which is worth queueing and going crazy over (if you are a durian fan)!

This pizza is handmade, topped with 100% pure durian flesh of top grade Mao Shan Wang and D24, and some cheese on the top, then baked to perfection. Normally we would either eat durian cold or room temperature, but never warm or even baked! This creation allows us try it a totally different way - it comes out warm, creamy and with a charcoal base that works so well with the richness of the durian.

This charcoal base doesn't just taste good, it also has health benefits such as aiding digestion and trapping toxins and chemicals so that the body does not reabsorb them and will flush them out!

This pizza will be available in limited batches daily at all outlets (except Changi) only for a limited time. It will be available starting from 19 July 2017 till mid-August 2017.

It costs $5.90 per slice and will cost $32.90 for a whole of 14" .

I'm a huge durian lover, and this is definitely the best way to solve my cravings when I'm craving both durian AND pizza at the same time!

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