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Potluck, Glasgow South Side

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A bright yellow sunshine-y facade for Potluck, Glasgow South Side! Hard to miss.

Potluck is a cute cafe/restaurant located on Nithsdale Road in Glasgow South Side. You can find it nearby Locavore, an organic food shop and opposite of a bar-restaurant called St Bungo.

With an unmissable bright yellow facade to greet you upon arrival, this quaint little spot will pack a punch with its amazing selection of brunch plates and lunches!

Photo by Samad | The airy interior of Potluck, Glasgow South Side. Love those wicker lamp shades!

I went over for a brunch date with my two lady friends and was the first to arrive. While waiting, I ordered a caffe latte. Special shout out the ceramicist who made the cups the coffee was served in! Super pretty! And of course, the coffee was delicious too. Perfect for my sleepy morning.

Photo by Samad | Menu for Potluck, Glasgow South Side. Look at all the choices!

After my friends arrived, we chatted while skimming through the menu. There was so much variety that I honestly didn't know what to choose! One of the owners of Potluck came over and explained some specials they prepared for the day. So (me being the simple person that I am and to make decision-making a lot quicker) I decided on the special for the day and a cup of cappuccino.

Photo by Samad | Top left dish was the Berry Hotcakes and top right dish was Salmon Scramble.

The special for the day was pistachio peach hotcakes with roasted peaches, orange blossom honey, pistachio kulfi, pashmak and rose! Sounds heavenly, doesn't it? It is a feast for all your senses, it was beautifully presented and arrived with such a fragrant blend of rose and peach scents. It was delicious and fulfilling! The dish was not too sweet and had plenty of texture which made for a good and colourful experience.

Photo by Samad | The Potluck special of the day! How gorgeous is this brunch plate?!

Overall, I paid about £11.50 in total for 2 cups of coffee and a big plate of hot cakes. A very reasonable price for something prepared-to-order, presented with a lot of character and delivered with ample flavours! The hospitality and overall friendliness of the two owners made our experience very warm and pleasant too.

Would definitely recommend Potluck in Glasgow South Side for a visit to satisfy your brunch time cravings. I'll definitely be back for round 2!


38 Nithsdale Road,

Glasgow, G412AN

Opening hours:

Mon : Closed

Tues - Sat : 9am - 5pm

Sun : 9am - 4pm

Phone number : 01416363915

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