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  • Amanda Charmaine

The George, Perth

Strolling the city on a Friday winter's evening with my mates, looking for some simple, home-style comfort food to ease us through the weekend, The George looked welcoming, classy and vintage. Decorated with a full marbled bar and gold-framed mirrors, this was our pick for the night. Located on St. Georges Terrace, smack in the middle of many high-rise office buildings, this outlet generally plays host to after work gatherings amongst colleagues and friends.

The staff were warm and engaging, offering us some specially selected starters and wine while we selected our mains.

Our first entree, Salmon Bliniss with egg lump and mesclun wasn't anything to shout about. However, it did remind me of the starters mom used to serve guests who visit our home. It was tasty, and the egg lumps were a great addition. It costs $12, and was served together with a Pork Belly with scallops and apple cinnamon sauce dish ($20).

The Pork Belly dish was exquisite, the crispy skin hugged the tender pieces of meat giving the dish the right amount of crunch and melting moments, instantly tantalising our buds. We dipped the scallops into the sauce and enjoyed the sweet-tangy mix. We needed to toast to the Pork entree, so we ordered a bottle of Galway Vintage 2015 Shiraz red wine. This selection ended up going perfectly with our mains too.

The selections of red wines are priced between $45 to $55. There are also white wines, and various beers, cocktails and champagne picks for restaurant guests.

The Lamb Shank with vegetables and herb mash arrived first. For $35, it was definitely a large amount for one person. Presentation was decent, and resembled a home cooked meal. The lamb slid off the bone, signalling a perfectly cooked dish. The mash was great for the cold weather, although it was too much for one to finish on their own.

Naturally, we had to try the Beef Fillet with sauteed rosemary potatoes and seasonal vegetables, the most pricey thing on the food menu at $42. The juicy fillet, paired with the asparagus, zucchini and carrots, was delightful. The potato was just the right serving for the dish. We rated this dish nine out of ten. Will definitely come back for more!

I love my seafood, and being in Perth, I have high expectations for the fish mains when dining out. I ordered the Barramundi at $32. Unfortunately, the fish tasted mediocre, and the vegetables paired with it tasted bland. The red curry beurre blanc spread around the dish was lovely, and the herb mash was yummy but too heavy for the dish. I would not recommend this dish for the price paid, as it lacks flavour and the fish was a little too overcooked.

Our final main, Duck Magret a.k.a Duck breast steak was a hit at our table. The dish was paired with potato gratin, and the same seasonal vegetables used for the Lamb Shank dish. The duck was lip smacking, and the orange sauce married well with the meat. An eight out of ten rated for taste, but only giving a six as all the dishes served had the same vegetables plated. The Duck Magret was $34.

To finish off our meal, the Chocolate Fondant with vanilla bean ice cream and berry soil priced at $12 was just what we needed. The ice cream was light and creamy. We enjoyed the chocolate fondant, swirled with the sauces. A satisfying dessert, and unique approach to the elements of this dish.

Overall, I would go back to The George, despite some let downs. With a stunning interior, friendly staff, a reasonably priced menu, excellent vibe and some exceptional dishes, they would only have to tweak a couple of things to boost its popularity.

One of the things would be to work on their food presentation, so that it looks more modern and appealing to all age groups. Using more variety of vegetables, and less mash could do the trick. I would also recommend that a smaller portion be plated for some of the dishes, to minimise wastage.

We all agreed this place has so much potential, and with some changes made it will be the hottest spot to dine and wine in Perth city.

Make your booking now at:

Address: 216 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000


Sunday : 1pm to 5pm

Monday : Closed

Tuesday to Saturday : 7am to 12am

Phone: (08) 6161 6662


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