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Royal Canton Dim Sum, DC Mall

Royal Canton, or Canton Fare as it used to be called, is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Damansara Heights, amidst an uneven number of Indian and Western restaurants. That is why it is an easy favourite among the Chinese community living in the area. When it used to be located in Plaza Damansara, it would be packed during both lunch and dinner with diners who live in the area.

But beyond just convenience and location, Royal Canton is known for its roasted meats that will leave you salivating for more. We just can't get enough of the roasted meats here at Royal Canton - whether it is roasted pork belly or char siew or duck!

You can be sure that every bite is as tender and succulent as the last. Consistency is key to a good restaurant and Royal Canton has consistently impressed its patrons with its stunning roasted meats.

A new addition to their already stellar lineup of dishes is their dimsum menu. Hoping to reach out to the brunch crowd and draw in the dimsum lovers, Royal Canton is introducing a scrumptious dimsum menu with so many dishes, that it is best enjoyed in a large group. But, a really interesting piece of information that they shared with us is that, if you happen to be dining in a group of four, though the dish typically is served with only 3 pieces of dimsum, they are happy to add on one more piece into your order so you won't end up over-ordering! Talk about a service standard a cut above the rest!

Dimsum dishes you will find here include the classics like har gow, siew mai, braised chicken feet, lo mai kai, wu kok and the like.

Every dish we tried here that day proved to live up to the dimsum standards we're used to here in KL.

But we have to say what stood out here at Royal Canton apart from their roasted meats was the desserts. The desserts are really fresh and executed with such finesse that you can taste the chef's expertise in every bite.

A signature here is their egg tarts, with layers of buttery crust, which melt in your mouth. Though the pastry turned out to be flaky but a tad dry, I quite enjoyed the egg filling, which was nice and creamy. I couldn't get enough of it!

The mango sago pudding and the osmanthus jelly are also good desserts to end the meal with - the mango giving a nice tangy finish while the osmanthus is a cleansing dessert.

All in all, our experience here was enjoyable and one that we would gladly repeat. Royal Canton is also available for functions and banquet dinners. Royal Canton 2nd floor, DC Mall, Plaza DC, Damansara City, 6 Jalan Damanlela Kuala Lumpur 03-2731 4628 Open daily from 12PM - 3PM; 6PM - 10PM Weekends from 10:30AM - 3PM; 6PM - 10PM

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