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  • Nicole Voon

Yuba Hut, Heartland Mall Hougang

If you are looking for a place where you can get modern Japanese fusion cuisine for reasonable prices, Yuba Hut is it. Worry not if the location seems too far, Yuba Hut has partnered with Foodpanda to deliver the Japanese goodness right to your doorstep!

But if you're willing to make the trip there, it will be worth it to try the food fresh and hot. A must try are their sushi concoctions. Get started with something rich like the Cream Cheese Mentaiko Salmon ($9.90/4 pieces), which was out of this world! I didn't think cream cheese would go so well with mentaiko but Yuba Hut's Chef has proven me wrong. It was flavourful and it's definitely something I would order again when I come back!

Another winner here is the Champion Floss Maki ($9.90/4 pieces). With chicken floss and ikura perched on aburi salmon, this maki really made sure it lived up to its name as it really was the champion maki!

Another unique sushi flavour to try here is the century egg, which is a little odd and you would have to be really adventurous to give this a try.

Move onto something a little heavier with the Salmon Aburi Don ($14.90). This dish was very special as it had a slight charred burn taste to it. Apparently, the ingredients are partially torched so it carries a subtle but perfect smoky taste.

Finally, we also tried the spicy salmon bowl. Spicy food lovers will love this as it has this special kind of spicy taste to it, where it's not too spicy so as to not overpower the dish and leaving a tasty umami like aftertaste. It was served with avocado slices, seaweed and

fish roe as garnish.

Overall our meal here was one that was memorable and one that we would readily come back for again and again.

Yuba Hut Heartland Mall #01-19/20, Block 205, Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530205

Open daily from 10AM-10PM

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