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Kosnica, Duxton Rd

Among the many bars and restaurants that are located on Duxton road, you can find this little café right at the corner of the street... and their specialty? Desserts incorporating one of nature’s best foods - honey.

First up, I tried their Hibiscus Tea. Personally, I tend to prefer more intense teas as this hibiscus tea had a very mild floral, berry-like flavour. For those of you who have never tried hibiscus before, you may like it if you love eating berries. What’s great about their teas is that they are all organic, for those who are particularly conscious on their choice of teas, this would be something to consider trying.

Next up was their Honey Yuzunade (S$8.60). Instead of using sugar or syrup as a sweetener, they’ve used honey, which is great for a sweet tooth such as myself who is trying to cut down on my overall sugar intake but still crave for that sweetness. I think the honey and the yuzu flavour creates a completely natural taste that you can enjoy for a long time without feeling too sick after one too many sweet drinks.

Then we also got a look into their waffles, which is the main highlights of the place. I tried their Buttermilk Waffle, which I really liked compared to other waffle joints, for its total crispiness on the outside and **really** soft on the inside. We also loved that it maintained most of that texture even after it had cooled down, which makes it easy to cut through the waffle and such a delight to eat!

Same goes with their Matcha waffle, which I believe made an excellent pair with the Earl Grey ice-cream. You could really taste the matcha more so than the buttermilk, great for all you matcha lovers out there. It find it was like a lovely mix of western and eastern elements in one dessert.

Do check their place out, if you are ever in the area! We certainly would go back again! Kosnica

61 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089525

Open Sun-Thu: 12-10pm

Fri-Sat: 12-11pm

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