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  • Nicole Voon

Misato Japanese Restaurant

Misato is a contemporary and chic Japanese restaurant where you can experience a whole lot of creativity in Japanese cuisine. Misato is located in the heart of Singapore, near the Somerset MRT. The restaurant is gorgeous and without a doubt, as they spent $400,000 on their custom made furniture and tableware!

We started off with a Chawanmushi ($4.90) which was very smooth and appetising. We've tried many chawanmushi dishes before and most commonly it comes out overcooked, but this one proved to be perfectly cooked.

We were also served a matcha ice blended drink ($8.80). The powder they use here is imported from Japan. It wasn't too sweet and went well with the food served. It was served with red beans.

Misato's Seafood Kaminabe Set ($20.80), the main dish of the night, which incidentally has NO MSG added, was mouthwatering. The seafood used for this dish was really fresh and also imported from Japan! It is so reasonably priced, because you will be getting homemade niboshi broth, fresh tiger prawns, Norwegian Salmon, assorted Japanese mushrooms, chicken, assorted vegetables and tofu cooked by Japanese chefs! It was served with a burning candle at the bottom of the hot plate to keep the food warm so you can eat the food hot till the very end.

Misato's Okonomiyaki ($14.90) is a savoury fluffy pancake made from high quality yam with crunchy Japanese cabbage as its fillings.

Another dish worth trying here is the Handmade Gyoza ($6.90 for 6 pieces, $10.90 for 10 pieces) which was very juicy. Make sure to dip it generously in the sauce!

Cha soba ($13.80) here is served in a cute bento box. Of course, it comes with plenty of dipping sauce which is homemade. That just made it more unique and it was too good I didn't want to share!

Another drink that was served to us was the Yuzu ice blended drink, definitely my favourite as it was refreshing and I'm a huge fan of sour stuff!

Finally for desserts, we tried the Sanshoku Warabi Mochi ($8.80 - not pictured). This dessert proved that there's no better way to end the meal than with Mochi! It's freshly handmade every day even though the preparation time takes up to 2 hours. Misato offers 3 different flavours - Matcha, peanut & black sesame! The texture is SUPER soft and just melts in your mouth.

We tried a really unique dessert as well, the Kuzukiri ($8.80), which is a Japanese arrow root cold dessert made out of arrow root powder, eaten like Cha Soba, which means dipping the arrow root strips into their special sweet sauce before consuming!

We ended the huge meal with a matcha Bavarois ($7.80), a French pudding made out of premium green tea powder, which is very wobbly and soft. We would definitely come back here again for a good Japanese meal when we're craving it!

Misato 176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint. #01-33E (Level 1, in Gastro+ area beside coffee bean) Singapore 238843

Opening hours : 12-10pm Daily (last order 9pm)

Tel : 6235 2822

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