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The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen: Night at Replacement Dinner Tapas

For a while now, The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen has been known for their brunch menu, commanding strong crowds, often with many needing to queue to enter the gorgeous cafe during peak hours.

There's no surprise there because not only is the cafe blessed with natural lighting, the food and drinks are spectacular. Not to mention, every nook and cranny of the place has been thoughtfully decorated to pique every Instagrammer's fancy.

But in an equally gorgeous setting is Night at The Replacement. It is the popular cafe's dinner service which serves some of the best fusion tapas and craft beers. Do not miss the craft beers here, they are really good and cater to any tastebuds.

Definitely go for the pale ale if you're looking for something sweeter and lighter, but if you love your stout, you will want to try the old engine oil.

There is much to love about the dishes here at Night. You dine Spanish tapas style - plenty of sharing plates to be enjoyed with a few friends. The more the merrier here because you get to order more dishes and indulge in a wider range of flavours. It is easy to get started with ordering here, since the dishes are split up into vegetables and meat options. Start off with something light and appetising like the asparagus and onsen egg.

Another absolute must try here is their sweet tomato soup that comes with a beautiful grilled cheese sandwich. The "oil" you see in the tomato soup is a multi-dimensional tasting burnt butter which just elevates the dish to new heights. I have never tasted anything quite as delicious as this soup.

For something on the safer side, try their charred baby gem with slow roasted tomato and granola. It is simple, but amazing in its own right.

Even if you're not a big fan of beetroot, the beetroot here is worth trying simply because they have executed it so perfectly. The beetroot is paired with yogurt and granola, giving the dish multi-dimensional textures and flavours.

The fish and meat dishes here will absolutely blow your mind. Fish here is of the freshest standards as it is sourced from the market and depending on what the catch of the day is, you will be getting an expertly cooked fish with salsa verde.

Something to be impressed by here is their prawns, which is practically palm sized! The prawns come with a Romesco sauce and a spring onion salad. The contrasting flavours will tantalise your palate and leave you wanting more.

The meat based dishes here - especially the beef, is another feat by the team at The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen. When it comes to their food, they certainly hit the mark at every step of the way. We were floored by the top side beef on sweet roasted pepper paired with bagna cauda sauce.

Even the chicken here is tender and cooked to perfection. Basically, it is just a whole slew of delicious tapas that you will want more of to share with friends - such a great place for big groups of friends to enjoy a meal out together.

Eel with their fried rice is another dish that we got to try. We must say, even though eel isn't much of a favourite for us, this stood out because they cooked it well and the eel was fresh.

Easily of the best dishes of the night was the Angus beef with baby potatoes and chimichuri sauce. I am not exaggerating when I say that this dish is one of the best beef dishes we have ever tried. Oh and have we mentioned that NONE of the dishes here at The Replacement cost more than RM30? That's right. Even this beef dish is only RM28.

We finally ended the meal on a sweet note with the fried baos and thai milk tea as well as matcha ice cream. There is nothing that we can even think could improve about this place because everything was just on point.

Drooling yet? Book a room here at The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen to enjoy multiple meals at the overachieving establishment!

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