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Shakespeare Milkshakes + Full Wolves Board Games, Johor Bahru

Much like steamboat on a rainy day, ice cream on an extra hot day seals the deal! This was the case for us when we stopped by to check out Shakespeare Milkshakes.

On a scorching hot Saturday afternoon, we made our way to Shakespeare Milkshakes, just a stone's throw away from The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen. True to its name, the menu consisted of a concise but unique list of milkshakes that were creamy and delicious.

Downstairs is where the magic happens for the milkshakes and upstairs is where a different kind of magic happens in the form of a gaming lounge, where people can rent boardgames to play at. Full Wolves Board Games offers boardgames like Dominion and Saboteur, so there is something for everyone there.

In the making (pictured above) is the Kinder Bueno Shake. The expert craftswoman uses our favourite childhood chocolate generously in the Kinder Bueno Shake (RM16), a rich dark chocolate shake topped off with a salted cookie and of course, a mini stick of Kinder Bueno Chocolate. The shake was smooth and creamy but not overly sweet, definitely a must try.

Next up, we tried the Chocolate Banana Waffle (RM15) - a medley of Dark Chocolate soft serve, brulee banana and banana crisp on top of a crispy waffle. The Dark Chocolate soft serve went perfectly with the sweet brulee banana as the bitter and sweet notes complimented each other.

If you love green tea ice cream, the Uji Matcha waffle would be your perfect dessert. The Uji Matcha waffle (RM15) comprised of Matcha Soft Serve, red bean and genmaicha flakes. The soft serve was the right level of bitter which went well with the sweet red bean paste.

Other milkshakes we got to try included the Berries Sparkle and Avocado Power. The Berries Sparkles (RM16) on the other hand had a sweet and fruity flavour paired with popping candy! What a pleasant surprise, and yet another nod to one of our childhood sweets. Quite a treat, we must say. The yogurt ice cream and mix berries gave the milkshake a slight sour tinge, but it was overall still very refreshing.

The Avocado Power (pictured above on the left - RM16) was a delicious hearty shake with a shot of coffee that lifted the flavour of the drink and gave it an extra zing. It was extra creamy due to the avocado which also happened to offset its sweetness. We loved how smooth the shake was. This is a really rich shake and could fill you up quickly!

If you're looking for something warm, and if you're really into grilled cheese sandwiches, then their Croffles are right up your alley. A Croffle is a croissant waffle... so you can imagine how decadent these babies are. And once they're filled up, can serve as quite the meal!

The Ham and Cheese Croffle (RM8) was a perfect mix of the classic Ham and Cheese sandwich with waffle replacing the usual toast. It was a perfect medley of crispy waffle and soft melted cheese. A perfect afternoon snack!

For something on a rainy day, look for the hot chocolate. This perfect comfort drink comes with marshmallows that will surely put a smile on your face and brighten up any gloomy day!

For those to love an safe and familiar option, all the soft serves also come in a cone option (RM8). All 3 flavours - Vanilla Milk, Matcha and Chocolate are perfectly creamy and smooth without being overly sweet. The waffle cones are lined with chocolate and ground nuts to that extra crunch and bite.

And you can have all of these desserts while you play your favourite board games upstairs!

Shakespeare Milkshakes and Full Wolves Boardgames Cafe 9, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor, Malaysia Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 12PM - 11PM Saturday and Sunday from 12PM - 12AM Closed on Wednesdays

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