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Gemersik Selera @The Mill Cafe, Grand Millennium Hotel KL

Living in the tropics of Southeast Asia, we have the privilege of indulging in a wide range of Malay traditional foods especially during the month of Ramadan. The fasting month is here which is the holy month observed by Muslims. This is a great time for families and friends to get together to "buka puasa" (break-fast) after fasting for the whole day.

We entered into a vast dining room with aromas of different flavours floating in the air. The servers were clothed in traditional Malay garments and the classical live entertainment uplifted the atmosphere as if we were walking into a home anticipating a great feast ahead. After tasting a wide range of dishes, this is what we thought stood out to us the most.

We decided to dive straight into the main dishes for the night. As we walked along the buffet line we were immediately captivated by the Baby Lamb resting on a bed of Briyani. From the first bite, the meat instantly melted in our mouths and the mint sauce was a great marriage between the lamb and the rice.

The next dish that caught our attention was this beautiful Charred Baked Fish surrounded by a medley of vegetables. It tasted as if the fish was freshly caught out of the sea and the meat was moist and very well seasoned.

The next dish, the BBQ Braised Beef Basket was an explosion of flavours. The brussel sprouts and the sweet potato fries on the side complimented the dish and it had us going mmmmm at every bite.

We stumbled upon some fried prawns in a giant wok which retained its freshness. The best part was when we drizzled some lemon on top which highlighted the sweet juicy prawns.

This rendang was absolutely delicious, there was just the right amount of spice and we could tell that it has been cooking for hours as it was easy to eat with the meat dissolving in our mouths.

To accompany the rendang we tried the Ketupat which is glutinous rice woven in a palm leaf. This dish is a popular Malay delicacy that brings back memories to me as a kid learning to weave a ketupat but never succeeded.

Finally we moved on to desserts and tried this gorgeous Pulut Tai Tai eaten with Kaya which was one of the many traditional sweets they had on display.

Last but not least, we were surprised by the Stairway of Desserts which was hidden at the back of the dining room as there was so many different types of dates and small treats to be discovered. This is certainly a standout from the rest of the Ramadan Buffets hotels have to offer in the city.

Apart from the delicious food we tasted there is spread of international foods including sushi, seafood, italian dishes and an extensive range of desserts on offer. We had a great night and this was by far the most delicious ramadan buffet we have savoured.

The next time your thinking of breaking fast with your family, this will be one of the places we would highly recommend. Come and tantalise your palates as Gemersik Selera will take you on a culinary journey across the world with quality ingredients and moments that will make you crave for more.

Available from 26 May - 24 June 2017

Prices: RM 148nett p/p, RM 74nett for kids (5-12 years old)

For Bookings/ enquiries contact +603 2117 4163

or email

Opening Hours: 7pm-10pm

The Mill Cafe, Lvl 1

160, Bukit Bintang Street, Bukit Bintang

55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur,


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