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Royal Canton, DC Mall

If it is something that Damansara Heights is really lacking, it is a good Chinese restaurant. Canton Fare had been a staple, but they closed and reopened as Royal Canton in DC Mall. We were relieved to find our favourite neighbourhood Chinese restaurant back in action and better than ever!

It was pretty crowded for a Monday evening - a rainy evening nonetheless. I suppose the neighbourhood crowd is happy to have their Chinese restaurant back open. Admittedly, we should have gone earlier to try it but had been backed up with countless reviews and travels. So on a rather special Monday evening, we took a trip there with my mother to enjoy a family meal.

Service remains to be of impressive standards, with the waitstaff perpetually keeping our tea glasses full and asking us politely if every dish had met our expectations. This is appreciated by us because it is not standard practice across most restaurants and it gives us a good way to offer our honest feedback on the spot (of which we are not shy to do).

We started with a few classic dishes - the sweet and sour pork here is served with dragonfruit, a nice fruity touch to the dish.

One of the must-try starters here at Royal Canton is their crispy, caramelised Chinese style bacon. You won't regret trying this dish! It reminds me of the baby octopus dish, also coated in the cloyingly sweet honey sauce. Warning though, it is highly addictive!

We also decided to try a chicken and ginger dish that was really tender and this is a favourite among the older crowd, for sure. It's got that "confinement food" taste but it just means it's so good! The portions here are also sizeable. Three of us were dining there that day and the small sized dish proved to be perfect!

Of course, you can't go to Royal Canton and not try their roasted meats. In fact, we wanted to try their char siew, siew yuk combination but it had sold out already. So we settled for the char siew and roasted duck combination, which was just as good!

Finally, in an attempt to balance out the meal with fibre, we also ordered a spinach and century egg soup. The soup is extremely tasty and the overall dish was well executed.

We will definitely be returning to Royal Canton again soon.

Royal Canton Second Floor DC Mall, Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara Open on weekdays from 11:30AM-3PM; 6PM-10PM Weekends from 8AM-3PM; 6PM-10PM

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