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Wendy's Malaysia Ramadan Special

With quite a number of fast food chains around, Wendy's still remains a favourite for me when it comes to their burgers. Imagine my surprise to find that they are offering a totally different, absolutely local meal to their customers here in Malaysia for the Holy Month of Ramadan.

For the month of Ramadan only, Wendy's is offering their special Nikmat Mubarak meal consisting a hearty piece of chicken, ketupat and sos kacang and sirap bandung!

We also got to go behind the scenes into the kitchen to watch the staff prepare the meals.

The chicken is prepared fresh, close towards the time of iftar to ensure its crispy and hot goodness! It's served with quite a bit of ketupat - to fill up the hungry tummies.

The peanut sauce is creamy and goes well with both the chicken and the ketupat. And sirap bandung just ties the whole dish together. We expected it to be really sweet but it turned out just right.

Of course while you're at Wendy's, if you're going to buka with friends, it's great to do so - you'll have plenty of options from their beef, chicken and fish burgers to their hotdogs as well as their wide variety of sides like nachos, cole slaw, nuggets and fries with chilli.

And of course, Wendy's has plenty of desserts for you to choose from - we went with a strawberry waffle and some Frostys and because we wanted to treat ourselves with a little extra, we had apple pies too.

Wendy's Mont Kiara 28, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara Open daily from 8AM-1AM

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