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Nasi Lemak Korner, Mosman Park Perth

"Good food brings back great memories" was what came to mind throughout my visit at the authentic Malaysian-inspired outlet in Mosman Park. Welcoming us outside the restaurant, was a "kampung style" comic mural plastered on the wall, and a Nasi Lemak bungkus icon representing the "A" in Nasi Lemak Korner.

Upon entering, we were greeted by two cheery staff and we chose to sit at a cosy area that resembled a tropical rainforest.

Not long after, our drinks and starters arrived.

I decided to order their signature Teh Tarik Madu ($8) comprising teh tarik (pulled tea), chocolate ice cream and topped with local honey. Let's just say I was smiling ear to ear before even having tasted any food.

My partner had high expectations for this tall glass of Teh "O" Limau Ice ($6), and gave me a strong nod of approval once he took a sip. The lemon flavour was present and blended well with the tea giving it a refreshing taste.

A bowl of Pipi Clam's paired with crusty bread ($10) kick-started our experience. We tasted spice from the chilli, freshness from the lemongrass and the garlic. However, several of the clams were not cleaned enough and tasted a little gritty. The bread soaked in the tasty broth was the highlight of that dish for us.

The second entree was a colourful kerabu salad. It was made up of shredded coconut, shrimps, chillies, bean sprouts, tossed into a fresh, zesty calamansi juice with herbs for a sweet, sour and spicy sensation. We thought the dish was unique, especially with its unusual pairing of its secret ingredient; green apple which in our opinion, gave character to the salad. Very reasonable for $8. We waited patiently for the mains to arrive.

This Seafood Mee Goreng Mamak was mind-blowing. Visually a stunner, it brought us back to the nostalgic roadside "mamak" sessions back in Malaysia. The seafood in the mee was massive and extremely scrumptious. Don't forget to squeeze the lime wedge to marry the flavours together. The bean sprout and chive fritters were perfectly crunchy. Just a little bit of home in our tummies and definitely worth the $14 spent! FYI, the noodles come in a vegetarian and chicken option as well.

Just when we thought we'd tasted the best, there came a generous helping of Sambal Ayam (above) priced at $16 and their famous Beef Rendang ($18), served with Nasi Lemak coconut rice. Both meats were tender and succulent. They were both also reasonably spicy, which we all appreciated, as we find that many Malaysian restaurants in Perth tend to stinge on the spiciness of their dishes to blend in with the local culture.

After feasting on these dishes, we were all stuffed, but I convinced myself there was room in my "dessert stomach" for more. So the waiter brought out a familiar looking bread which we had never tried before called Roti Coin.

It was basically five pieces of fluffy mini Roti Canai's ($12), topped with sesame seeds to have with either savoury Dhal and sambal curry, or the sweet option of condensed milk. My grandmother makes the best dhal, and this one came pretty close. We all enjoyed this variety a lot, and decided to order one more dessert for the road, The Durian Strudel ($10), that arrived in two pieces, was filled with custard and durian flesh, YUM.

The strudel was accompanied by a subtle vanilla ice cream. A smart and elegant dish which satisfied all my durian cravings for the year!

I would definitely re-visit the outlet for its' great atmosphere and to try the other dishes including the Satay, Nasi Goreng and possibly another variation of Nasi Lemak... Ooh, and the other desserts too! Perhaps this time at their other outlet in Como.

Mosman Park Outlet:

626 Stirling Hwy Mosman Park WA 6012 (08) 9385 5162

Como Outlet:

18 Preston Street, Como WA

6152(08) 9367 9925

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 5:30PM – 9PM Saturday to Sunday, 11:30 – 9PM

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