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Bakery 47, Glasgow

Photo by Baker47 | Shop front on a sunny day!

Bakery47 is a down-to-earth artisan bakery located on Victoria Road on the southside of Glasgow. Owned by talented bakers, Sam and Anna, this bakery opened as an idea and project to build relationships with the local community of creators, makers and Glaswegians, through their love of food and baked goods.

Photo by Samad | The sleek and homey interior of the bakery The bakery is one of my most favourite spots for breakfast here in Glasgow. The space is cozy, warm and welcoming, somehow giving off that very comforting atmosphere, especially upon entering when the scent of freshly baked rye bread, fig cakes and baguettes hits you right in the face.

It gets very busy over the weekend so if you’re keen on getting your hands on their delicious almond croissants, you best be queueing from 9am on Saturday! Alternatively, you could pop in during the weekdays that they’re open and hope that they have your favourite baked goods. I’m usually there on a Saturday or Sunday for breakfast and to nab some fresh bread. They open until all their goods are sold out, which is usually between 1-3pm. Pictured below are fresh peach warmers/pies with vanilla mascarpone, caffe lattes by Back To Black coffee, and a freshly baked baguette. Can I just mention how yummy the peach warmers were? I have SUCH a sweet tooth but have to admit that I can’t handle a breakfast that’s way too sweet. This, however, was perfect! Perfect amount of warm sweetness, alongside the cooling vanilla mascarpone, made for a fulfilling breakfast.

Photo by Samad | Peach warmers with vanilla mascarpone, caffe lattes and baguette

The bakery offers a huge range from brownies, to rose pistachio cakes, to savoury breakfast pies and toasties! Bread, cakes and pastries range from £2-£6, breakfast plates from £4-£7 and coffee between £2-£3, depending on your preferences of milk and brew. Don’t be fooled though, you will easily spend at least £10-£15 per person since everything is so damn good, you won’t be able to resist! Don’t forget cash though as they don’t accept cards.

Photo by Samad | Almond croissants, egg custard brioche and chocolate brioche

Sam and Anna have recently announced that they’ve decided to close the bakery down in September this year. They mentioned that they’ve always treated the bakery as an ongoing project but after 2 years of evolving, they wish to close this chapter of their life. As much as I’m saddened by their decision to move on with newer and different things in their lives, I, as a creative, respect it and wish them all the best in their future endeavours! Regardless of whatever they do, they WILL be successful and will have so many of us to support them.

Photo by Samad | Savoury breakfast with freshly baked soft rye bread, avocado, rocket, chutney and soft boiled duck eggs, caffe latte, soy cappuccino and butternut squash pie with goat's cheese and brown wheat bread

With that in mind, get on down to the bakery before September and eat ALL THE CROISSANTS!!! Now’s the time! What are you waiting for?! I’ll be there every weekend to devour everything within sight! See ya there! :-)

Bakery 47 76 Victoria Rd, Glasgow G42 7AA, UK Open Thursday & Friday, 8AM-4PM

Open weekends from 9AM-4PM

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