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Pierre Ledent Chocolate, Mercato Cafe

How can anyone say no to good chocolate? The foodie team recently had an inside sneak peek into how the perfect iced and hot chocolate are made. My favourite part of this review was that I could savour them after the demonstration.

The Mercato Cafe is located inside Pavilion KL. It took me a while to locate it, and found that the easiest way to get there was going up the escalator in the Mercato supermarket.

Before we go on, here's a little introduction on the mastermind behind the luxury chocolate served in Mercato Cafe. Pierre Ledent is a reputable and multi-award winning luxury chocolatier from Belgium. Winning the Belgiun National Arts Award twice in a row, Pierre has also once won the top prize for every single competing category in a prestigious international confectionery championship during 1994 in Tokyo, Japan.

Apart from all the handmade chocolate being strictly alcohol free and pork free, Pierre is particularly picky about the ingredients he uses. Believe me when i say that only the finest ingredients are used. He specially sources each individual ingredient from all around the world, making sure that his chocolate are all made from the absolute best.

Pierre showed us how he makes his famous iced chocolate and hot chocolate. He demonstrates how no milk powder or water is used to make these drinks.

He first makes a batch of iced chocolate with 55% chocolate (or cacao). I personally preferred this because I like a creamier texture when it comes to my chocolate drinks. Especially in our warm weather, this is great drink to have to cool down - it's like having a cold chocolate milk right out of the fridge.

After that initiai introduction, he turned it up a notch and served us one with 80% chocolate. At the demonstration, it was clear that the colour of this drink is darker than the 55% one (you can sort of see that in the pictures). If you want to properly taste the difference between the two drinks, you must start from the lowest chocolate percentage and work your way up. This to me was indeed was much more chocolate-y and had a hint of bitterness. This would be great for those of you who love bitter dark chocolate and don't want something too sweet.

Funnily enough, i didn't get the same reaction when I tried the 55% and 80% chocolate drinks when made hot. For one, the 55% hot chocolate felt too creamy and was quite jelak (heavy). I don't think I could've finished a whole cup of this. But I can totally imagine kids loving this on a rainy cold day or at night. It makes for quite the comforting drink.

The hot 80% chocolate was however not as bitter when hot. I could imagine myself drinking it with some cookies over a good book.

If I was really craving chocolate, I could pair my hot or iced chocolate with some of Pierre Ledent's pralines. Walk into Mercato cafe and you'd be spoilt for choice with a huge array for pralines with all sorts of yummy fillings.

Speaking of yummy fillings, be sure to also check out Pierre Ledent's macarons. Absolutely amazing and made from the best ingredients he can get his hands on. All the macarons sold are made in Belgium and are flown to Malaysia.

For the first time in Malaysia, Pierre Ledent introduces a coffee with white chocolate. I was quite skeptical when I first heard of this, but when I had my first sip, I was completely hooked. Unlike regular chocolate, white chocolate naturally has a creamier and sweeter flavour. And when you have this with coffee, it was surprisingly amazing - especially when you have it cold!

I didn't fancy this drink when it's hot as somehow, I felt that it tasted too sweet. But it's great that there are so many options for you to choose from - so you know it'll satisfy any chocolate cravings you might have.

So, whenever you're shopping in Pavilion, make sure you stop by the Mercato Cafe for some of Pierre Ledent's amazing chocolate creations. It's definitely worth a try!

Mercato Cafe

Lot 1.01.01 & 1.01.02,

Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,

168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,

55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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