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Superfood Brand Kinmemai to Launch in Singapore Mid-June 2017

With over six decades of research and development, Kinmemai produces a successful line of rice that goes well with both the health-conscious and the gourmands. White rice is a staple amongst many Asian countries, but it also has been identified as one of the top concerns that leads to the increased risk of diseases, such as diabetes. This style of consumption leads to the overload of rice starch, that creates an imbalance of blood sugar.

How Kinmemai differentiates itself from other rice brands, is that while conventional methods of processing generally strips the external layer of the grain (also known as the sub-aleurone layer) which contains many of the nutritional components such as B1, B6, E, B3 (Niacin) and folic acid), Kinmemai’s polishing process removes mainly just the water resistant, indigestible wax layer around the husk of the grain, thus retaining the natural nutritional value.

Ms. Bibi Chia, Principal Dietician from Raffles Hospital sharing her findings on Singapore's diet trends and Kinmemai’s benefits.

Kinmemai offers both Better White and Better Brown, which are very versatile and are developing more offerings in their pipeline. Here are some ideas you could cook at home with their rice.

Ms. Sylvia Tan, author of several cookbooks briefing the media on how to prepare wholesome meals with Kinmemai.

I got to try the Thai Olive Rice prepared with Kinmemai Better White. It proved to be a good balance against the greasy and salty meat, as it still retained the familiar fluffiness of rice we're used to and did not feel too heavy with the meat.

Next up was the Pumpkin Coconut Rice. While this dish was pretty heavy, I liked the fact that I was eating brown rice without realising it was brown rice. I think this is great for families who want adopt a healthy diet without making such a drastic change to their usual home cooked meals.

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to regular white flour, you’d be surprised to find that Kinmemai also offers rice flour which can be used to make pastries and desserts such as this one. The best part? Your friends and family won’t even be able to tell the difference, shh!

Do watch out for Kinmemai's products across several brand supermarkets in Singapore, set to launch this coming Mid-June 2017!

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