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  • Amanda Charmaine

Greenwood Pizza Bar, Perth

The perfect marriage of toppings, pizza dough and buttery melting cheese in your mouth. If you're looking for some quality gourmet pizza in Perth with the above description, you have to try Greenwood's Pizza. Tucked away in the neighbourhood of Greenwood, this family-run take away/delivery shack offers 13 unique variety of pizzas and a selection of sides since its inception in 1986.

We were greeted by a group of cheerful staff despite their packed outlet. My family and I brought back the pizzas that we were fortunate enough to sample, specially hand picked by owner Allan Lawrie himself. The pizza's come in three sizes; large $20, family $27 and the jumbo size priced at $38 (popular for its size that resemble car wheels).

First up we tried the Tandoori Pizza. It reminded us of Malaysian mamak tandoori chicken, with just the right amount of spice, topped with capsicum, onions and melting cheese. We felt pretty satisfied with one slice. We also liked the crunchy crust that was slightly burnt as it gave the pizza a nice crisp.

Perth is well-known for its seafood, and so it is no surprise why the Garlic Prawn pizza made our favourites. The crunchy thin crust together with giant prawns, spinach and a bunch of secret ingredients allowed a burst of delightful flavours in our tummies.

We had the Meatball Pizza next. It looked very vibrant, and the meatballs on it were generously big and tasty. It was basically like having a spaghetti meatball pizza! We found this pizza a tad bit too mild for our taste buds, but a little sprinkle of chilli flakes sealed the deal.

Next, we sampled the The Tzatziki Lamb pizza. Its' Mediterranean influence is obvious in the fresh toppings, which includes Souvlaki Lamb, mushroom, onions, and sweet tomatoes. We found it simple, mild and elegant. This pizza works perfectly as a party starter, in our opinions. The tzatziki added to the refreshing taste of the pizza. Most of my family members enjoyed this selection the most.

Finally, we tried a Japanese-cuisine inspired pizza. I am an ardent fan of Japanese cuisine, and to have its flavours on a pizza was a dream come true. The chicken pieces were so juicy and tender, the sauce sealed in gloriously. If you avoid pizza because of its cheese content, this would be your go to. This pizza contains less cheese, with mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce. We voted it a must have for a dinner party gathering.

We did not get the chance to try some of the sides, but I will definitely be back very soon to get more! I was very happy with the quality, variety and customer service Greenwood Pizza Bar offered.

23/18 Calectasia St,

Greenwood WA 6024.

Opened : Sunday to Thursday 5pm to 9pm

Friday and Saturday 5pm to 10:45pm

Telephone: (08) 9448 3550

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