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Superfoods, Verve Suites Mont Kiara

Evidently, healthier options for food have been met with much enthusiasm. After the success of Goodness Greens, La Juiceria have opened up two new outlets under a new brand - Superfoods. One is located in Verve Suites, Mont Kiara and the other at Avenue K.

You will recognise the interior and menu here as it carries the exact same outlook as Goodness Greens and La Juiceria.

Get your premium smoothies here too for only RM10.99 each - affordable and healthy. We got to try the watermelon slush, the Dr. Protein, the Mangga Millionaire and the Chocoloco which allowed us to indulge in a really nice and thick smoothie, without feeling too guilty!

As for the dishes, since the menu has expanded quite a bit since the last time I paid a visit to Goodness Greens (and now that I have Superfoods so close to home, I don't need to drive all the way to Goodness Greens!), we decided to try the newest additions plus some of the oldies too. We started off with their carbonara (RM20.90), which is your typical cream-based sauce and a poached egg. The carbonara here is a vegetarian-friendly option as it does not come with meat. This was nice flavour-wise but I found the sauce a little on the watery side.

The next dish we tried was their smoked duck soba (RM18.90). This is a must-try as it is absolutely mind-blowing. Previous trips to the other outlet also had me going back for more duck and it seems like whatever they are doing to keep the food quality consistent across the board is working. And the price is pretty reasonable for the portion!

Then, we had a taste of their teriyaki chicken grain bowl (RM18.90), which is a hearty serving of rice, egg and teriyaki chicken. This is something that can easily become a mass favourite because it is both filling and delicious!

We also had one of their dishes on the older menu - the Buddha bowl (RM18.90). You've got to love the combination of the mushrooms, tofu, pumpkin and vegetables with the rice. It's such a great vegetarian option that you won't even realise that you haven't had any meat in the dish!

But by far, the two of my favourite dishes off the new menu has to be their chicken rice wrap (RM21.90) and the nasi lemak wrap (RM21.90). If these two dishes were meant to be healthy, you definitely can't tell. Once you sink your teeth into these dishes, you will be hooked. And surprisingly, the portions are incredibly filling. For the chili sauce from the chicken rice wrap and the sambal for the nasi lemak, you won't even be able to tell the difference between those and the ones from a hawker stall! They are that good.

Superfoods also has an all-day breakfast menu that brunch junkies will love. I tried their truffle omelette (RM18.99). This is also a sizeable dish that works really well for breakfast or lunch.

And finally, we had the Honest Treat's lovely raw cakes - these are by far my favourite raw cakes in the market. I have yet to find better cakes than these that are great for indulging in without feeling too guilty. Some of my favourites include the berry banana, tropical surprise and raspberry dream.

You can also order the cakes whole for RM109.90 online, which will make for a great birthday cake!

La Juiceria Superfoods Verve Suites, Mont Kiara Ground Floor Open Daily 8AM-10PM

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