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Tsubohachi New Menu 2017, Publika

For the month of July, Tsubohachi is celebrating its 2nd year anniversary and will be giving away prizes worth up to RM15,000!

It's called the "Fukubiki" contest. Spin for a chance to win. Customers will get a chance to spin with a minimum total bill of RM120 excluding promotional items. The higher the bill, the more chances you get to win. The GRAND PRIZE is trip to Osaka, Japan for 2!

Mechanics of the contest:

- Period: 1st July to 31st July

- Only value of non promotional items will be eligible for the contest.

- All food items or prizes will not be allowed for takeaway and can only be used in the next visit

- Total bill tier:

RM120 and above, you will be entitled to one spin

RM350 and above, you will be entitled to 3 spins

RM700 and above, you will be entitled to 8 spins! For the full terms and conditions, please visit Tsubohachi Malaysia's Facebook page.

Tsubohachi is a pretty underrated Japanese izakaya located at Publika. It's underrated because the food is actually pretty darn good but not many know about the wonders that this little establishment serves.

We went there to try out their new menu and here's what we thought about it. The first dish we tried was the gobo chips (RM8.50), thinly sliced burdock root deep fried and served to us in a small basket. This is a great starter to have, replacing their lotus chips.

We also tried a few of their yakitori skewers in the kushimore set (RM19.80), which includes mid wing, chicken skin, chicken thigh with leek, pork belly with leek and enoki mushroom wrapped with bacon. We typically do love yakitori and had no complaints about Tsubohachi's.

The next dish we tried is an absolutely must-try and definitely worth a special trip to Tsubohachi. It involves cheese and bacon. Could we wish for a better combination? The bacon cheese kushi-age (RM6) is a skewer of bacon mozzarella balls. Delicious!!

Then we got to try some of the new dishes on their new menu including the buta hakusai nabe (RM19.90), which is their signature pork belly and cabbage Mille Feuille. This is a great comfort dish to have on a rainy day.

We also got to sample their salmon chirashi zushi (RM24.90) - which is a hearty bowl of salmon cubes, avocado, Japanese cucumber, a dollop of wasabi and fluffy Japanese rice.

The teriyaki fish roll (RM24.90) is another dish worth trying here. The maguro and buri slices are rolled to the maki style and served with mayonnaise - just the way we like it.

And though typically a Korean dish, we also tried their rendition of a kimchi. This dish is called ontama buta kimchi (RM14.90) and is slices of pork belly stir fried and mixed into kimchi then topped with an onsen tamago.

And of course, you can't come to Tsubohachi without trying their nagashi somen setto (RM39.90) which is a combination of cold noodles, fruits and tempura.

Before ending the meal, we also got to taste another one of their broths - the chanko nabe (RM19.90). An adaptation of their cabbage millefeuille dish, this one focuses more on chicken. We actually loved this dish a lot more than the other soup as we allowed it to boil longer to let the flavours set in.

Finally, for dessert, we tried both the suton aisu (RM24.90) which is literally stone ice cream. The concept is like Cold Stone Creamery where you mix up assorted toppings and the ice cream together in the stone bowl which keeps the ice cream cool and prevents it from melting too quickly. We loved this dessert.

Finally, we also tried their "water droplet" cake with sour plum and sesame powder. This was a nice dessert to end the meal off on a light note.

Tsubohachi Izakaya A2-UG1-9 Publika,

No 1 Jalan Dutamas,

Jalan Solaris. Open daily from 11AM - 2:30PM; 5:30PM - 12AM

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