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How To Eat A Poké Bowl @ Paperfish, TTDI

Poké Bowls have been making waves lately, with it's heightened popularity especially among health conscious people in Klang Valley. Poké bowl (pronounced as 'POH-keh' and not poke!) is not something new as it has been around for centuries, being a traditional Hawaiian staple dish that is popular with its locals. They are basically chunks of raw marinated fish (eg. tuna, salmon) served on rice with greens and typically dressed with delicious umami sauce.

The team at Paperfish @ TTDI took this one step further to provide an option to add-on Superfoods such as chia seeds, broccoli and chuka wakame to your poké bowl. A healthy, delicious and unique dish that allows customisation - what could go wrong, right?

A key misconception about poké bowls is that the dish will not fill you up enough to last through to your next meal; being seen as a 'salad' or 'vegetable-based' dish that doesn't have enough substance. I have to admit, I had that thought too, but boy I was wrong.

Poké bowls served at Paperfish are loaded with right amounts of protein, healthy carbs and Superfoods that will guaranteed to keep you going and give you an added boost of energy to power through the day. With its highly customisable nature and still new to many in our region, we're going to provide a simple how-to guide to build your own poké bowl at Paperfish.

Heat Wave (RM17.90) - spicy salmon served with cherry tomatos, edamame, onions and sweet cordn

Step 1: Pick Your Protein

Decide between salmon, tuna or shrimp as your base protein source. Once you've narrowed down your selection, you can then proceed to select your base.

Tropical Tuna (RM17.90) - Delicious and tangy tuna served with carrots, cherry tomatos, pineapple, edamame and sweet corn

Step 2: Pick Your Base

This is where the magic happens (excuse me, I'm hungry just writing this). Choose between brown / white rice, baby greens or quinoa to fill you up and provide you with much needed fuel for the body. These are 'clean carbs' (well, except the white rice) so fret not, you don't have to feel guilty after having this.

Umami Shoyu Salmon (RM17.90) - The OG. If you're looking for a straight-up no-nonsense poke bowl, this is for you! This classic comes with freshly cut salmon, cherry tomatos, edamame, Japanese cucumber and onions.

Step 3: Pick Your Superfood

Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods that are packed with nutrients and vitamins to compliment your meal. Some of these foods have been said to be able to reduce risks of chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Choose from a variety of seeds (eg. chia, poppy), nuts (eg. almond, walnut), avocado or crispy salmon skin to complete your poké bowl.

Cado Bowl (RM15.90) - the only vegetarian poké bowl loaded with avocado, cherry tomatos, Japanese cucumber, mango and sweet corn.

Tropical Tuna (RM17.90) - Delicious and tangy tuna served with carrots, cherry tomatos, pineapple, edamame and sweet corn

Pictured from left to right is the Tapping Tapir (RM12.90), The Grand Hornbill Rose Tea (RM10.90) & cold brew coffee (black or white).

Step 4: Pick Your Drink

Of course, what's left to do after you've chowed down your hearty poké bowl is to quench your thirst with a range of healthy (and wallet friendly) drinks.

If you're new to poké bowls or have been wanting to try it out yourself, do pop by Paperfish and let their friendly staff assist you in crafting your very own poké bowl to be proud of.

Paperfish also offers their in-house sauces on the side if you want a little oomph in your poke bowl. But every dollop of sauce will pile on the calories, at least doubling or tripling the original calorie content, so go easy on the sauces. But if you just want to enjoy the poke bowl for its deliciousness without taking into consideration its calories, then we would recommend putting loads of the garlic or sriracha mayo that is to die for!!


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