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Piccoli Lotti, Damansara Kim

With plenty of artisanal ice cream parlours available all over town, it's easy to look past new ones that pop up. But Piccoli Lotti should not be dismissed. It's gelatos that come in really unique flavours is something worth making a trip to Damansara Kim for.

It just opened yesterday and we dropped by to show some support to the local entrepreneur, Nge Seng.

Piccoli Lotti means made in small batches and that's what they do here. The gelato is made in small batches - making it limited. So be quick to try all of their flavours that are popular in demand.

The range of ice creams offered here may not be as wide as other places but you can be sure that you'll find something that suits your palate. We tried plenty of their flavours with the sampler spoons but in the end, landed on our two favourite flavours - hazelnut and affogato.

Some of the more unique flavours include really quirky stuff like the Pulut Tai Tai, the ice cream rendition of the traditional kuih.

They also have a really interesting chrysanthemum flavoured gelato, which is a must-try too.

But you will still be able to find your classics like matcha azuki bean, durian and more.

A single scoop of ice cream is RM8.

Picolli Lotti, Damansara Kim (Same row as Table & Apron)

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