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Sunway Resort Cafe Ramadan Preview 2017

Ramadan is coming! Apart from all the preparations for the holy month, I am sure you are thinking, of what to eat when you break your fast. Sunway Resort Cafe’s Ramadan buffet this year should be one of the places on your list. Just look at that spread!

What is great about buffets is not just the amount of food on offer, but also that it is great for the whole family to go to enjoy a meal. Sometimes it may be difficult to settle on what cuisine you feel like having or even what types of meat. So when you dine at buffets, you and the family can enjoy what you each like.

We got to try a preview of Sunway Resort Cafe’s Ramadan buffet for 2017 and here’s what we saw: The Pecal Jawa, a traditional Javanese influenced Malay salad, consisting of mixed vegetables and a peanut sauce (which I sadly couldn’t take because I am allergic to peanuts!).

This dish impressed everyone who was there - the warisan ramadan platter which was a platter with three types of meats (traditional chicken, duck and beef rendang) and three types of rice (nasi pandan, nasi hujan panas and nasi kerabu) accompanied by lemang and serunding.

And the buffet had little booths set up selling various types of food. The first booth we stopped by was the one serving a lamb bone broth. Though it was a little oily, we liked that the whole shank is put into a bowl and then served with a straw so you can suck out all the marrow from the trunk.

The rest of the buffet was a colourful blur of food - with dishes such as grilled lamb, assorted kuih-muih and even a live station cooking pisang goreng on the spot!

We had one of everything and loved it!

The Resort Café at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa will be offering this kaleidoscope of over 400 authentic dishes for breaking-of-fast / buffet dinner from 27 May to 24 June 2017.

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