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Fittie Sense, Bangsar

Fittie Sense is the latest addition to Bangsar, Telawi's wide choice of food establishments. This is one place that all the health nuts will flock to for its clean menu. But that's not the only thing that is clean about the place. The whole aesthetic is also very clean and incorporates much of nature with plenty of sunlight from the sunroof.

Fittie Sense makes their own kefir probiotic soda, which is great for the digestive system!

But they also sell (kefir) smoothies, tea and coffee if you're looking for something more mainstream.

We tried the Fittie chai latte (RM10) and one their kefir smoothies, the Fittie Digestion Smoothie (RM14).

The first thing we got to try here was their "zoodles", which is zucchini noodles (RM17) served with mushrooms, garlic, capers and cherry tomatoes. It was our first time trying zoodles. What you can expect out of this dish (apart from it being utterly healthy) is a texture of zoodles that is similar to a pasta cooked al dente. The mushrooms and other seasonings made the dish very tasty.

The next dish we got to try was a very colourful quinoa salad. We're not health nuts, but we loved the salad.

They are not totally vegetarian here (if that's what you're thinking!). Fittie Sense does serve quite a wide range of dishes including meats and seafood. The first meat dish we got to try was their Harissa chicken kebabs (RM24). We enjoyed this dish very much, since it was our first meat dish here. And the meat was absolutely tender and marinated perfectly.

Our next meat dish was also a chicken dish. We tried their chicken leg and ratatouille (RM28). We loved how beautiful the dish turned out aesthetically and it was very aromatic because of the ratatouille. I'd definitely order this dish again.

For something a little interesting to have on the side, I'd recommend you order the signature 48-hour grass-fed beef bone broth. If you're a fan of beef, you'll lap this up and that's what we did - down to the very last drop. It is served with caramelised onions too!

For something a little heartier and definitely very well-balanced, their lamb shepherds pie (RM32) is a good option. A sizeable portion of lamb ragu is covered with sweet potato to make for a healthier option of the typical shepherds pie.

And even though you're meant to be eating clean here at Fittie Sense, you can still indulge in a little dessert. The best part is, it's guilt-free dessert! So without any hesitation, we happily devoured two of their cakes which was their rendition of a carrot cake and the dark chocolate whey protein torte (RM17).

Dessert can also be served with Nice Cream (which is made of pure fruit). We tried the double chocolate nice cream and loved it!

Fittie Sense 23A, Jalan Telawi 3,


Open Wednesdays to Mondays 10AM-10PM

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