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Flying Monkey, Bussorah Street

Flying Monkey is an Indian establishment which comes across as fun and quirky compared to other Indian restaurants which tend to be very relatively formal in its atmosphere.

While they are not trying to be fusion, they do take traditional Indian food and add their modern twist to it - serving it in the style of tapas. The dishes come from different parts of India. So be sure to try a whole variety of their dishes, making this place a good one for you to bring your mates to. It's also a good go-to place if you are looking for cocktails.

We had plenty of dishes at Flying Monkey and it was a great experience. We started off with their bowl of Calamari 65 ($10), which felt like an Indian interpretation of the traditional calamari, as it is fried with spices. Perfect as beer food!

Next up was their Chicken Wings. ($10) The meat is very tender and spicy, and I like the fact that there is a side of mint to add on to the overall flavour.

One of the best selling dishes in this joint, is their Truffle Naan ($14). With paneer moose, you can taste a nutty flavour along with the sweetness of the chutney. A must try!

My personal favourite of the list is their Tulsi Cod ($16), which is cod fillet with basil, charred in the tandoor. It's super tender and boneless, which makes this really easy to enjoy. It's no surprise it is also tops the list as one of their best selling dishes.

Up next, I tried the Galouti Kebab ($14). The kebab and the roti are all handmade. I like how the meat just melts in your mouth. However, unless you are quite accustomed to the taste of lamb, this might not be quite up your alley as it has a really strong taste.

And of course, when having Indian food, you must have rice. We tried a beautiful Quail Musallam ($26). A whole quail slowly cooked to perfection, leaving the meat tender with curry to go along with the rice.

If quail is not preferred, a great alternative would be the Nalli Gosht ($26), which is a lamb shank cooked overnight, served with a side of naan. The meat is cooked perfectly and falls off easily from the bone. Don't forget to scoop the bone marrow out as well!

Jelebi is basically a street side snack you can find on the streets of India. I don't have any other way to describe it except that it tastes just like candy minus the cloying sweetness.

Good news for our Muslim friends, though the place isn't certified halal, the meat sources are halal. No pork or non-halal ingredients are used in the cooking.

However, as mentioned before, alcohol is served on the premises.

What I really like about the drinks here are that they've taken boring old traditional cocktails and made it their own by incorporating ingredients normally found in Indian cuisine. Here are my top picks that I think you should try!

Their Signature Cocktail, the Flying Monkey ($18), is perfect for anyone who loves their Old Fashioned. One would definitely appreciate this drink when you have Monkey Shoulder Whiskey together with Ginger Liqueur. To add a touch of finesse, a stick of cinnamon is lighted and smoked into the drink, making it quite the sensory drink.

You'll enjoy this next drink if gin is your poison. Mind it! ($18) is based with Monkey 47 Gin put together with maple syrup, mint leaves and topped with jasmine leaves.

Finally, served up in a ceramic cup, Yo Yo Mani ($18), is reminiscent of the Piña Colada. This rum based cocktail is completed with coconut as well as rice syrup, to create a blend with the consistency almost like porridge but quenches your thirst like any tropical drink would.

Flying Monkey

67 Bussorah St,

Singapore 199480

Opening Hours

Tue-Sun: 12–2:30PM, 5:30–11PM

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