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Black & White, SS15 Subang

Subang, jammed pack with multiple higher education institutions paired together with college students makes for an excellent location to source for interesting and unique restaurants that each add a different dimension to this bustling area.

Enter Black and White, a pork-free, fast-paced restaurant looking to fulfil the longings of the Asian demographic in a quick, easy, affordable manner. Established with the philosophy to bring the wide range of delicious local cuisine Malaysia is known for, they want to cater to both families and individuals: serving their foods in sets or large sharable portions.

The first dish that we tasted was the Lai Wong Chicken Rice (RM12.90) which comes with a generous portion of rice and vegetables. The Lai Wong sauce in itself was good, a little on the sweet side but overall very pleasant, especially when consumed with the rice. Surprisingly it was not too rich as well, leading one to feel suitably full but not overly bloated afterwards. The chicken was tender - but one of the best things about this (and several of their dishes) is that they are also available in squid, prawns and fish variants!

Next up was the Asam Pari Ikan (Stingray) Soup Rice (RM11.90). I'm personally a huge fan of stingray in general so this dish was great to me. With the tender, yummy meat with asam sauce, what's not to love?

It was only a slight pity for me that the asam sauce wasn't as strong as I would have liked it to be. If it came with a little more of a sour and spicy punch, that would have been the icing on the cake.

You can't have local cuisine without Malaysia's ever-famous Nasi Lemak (RM8.90), and in BnW you can get it with the choice of curry chicken, fried chicken, sambal prawns or squid. The sambal was good: spicy and packed full of flavours. We tried their fried chicken - an extremely crisply and tender piece of poultry that was simply excellent. I am a big fan of when flavours are infused into the meat itself, so that it could hold its own even with the really great skin.

The Asam Prawn Rice (RM10.90) was another one of my favourites. You can probably see a trend here, I am a big fan of spicy, sour dishes. The dried asam I preferred a little bit more to the soup, but a part of me still wished for a bit more of a kick. Overall still a good dish.

Another signature of BnW, their Fish Head Curry (1 pax: RM17.90; 2-3pax: RM36.00). Out of all the spicy dishes thus far, this one was the best one (in my humble opinion). The curry was really good - it had a good kick alongside that deep curry flavour. If you're a fan of fish heads, meaning more gelatinous, savoury pieces of meat - this is one for you.

Undoubtedly one of the customer favourites, since nowadays it seems that everyone has an intense 'salted egg' craving, this Salted Egg Sotong Rice (RM13.90) is an attempt to fulfil that. The squid itself is tender, very easy to eat, which to me came as a surprise because most places tend to overcook their squid. Crispy without the overbearing richness that often comes with salted egg dishes, this makes for a great dish when paired with rice.

One of my genuine weaknesses is deep-fried yummy things, and this therefore made this dish incredible hard to resist. With an incredibly generous portion of what I later found out to be egg deep-fried while the cook spins it really quick to make these fluffy strings. Together with the butter squid (RM12.90) was actual delicious. Perhaps not the most healthy thing on the menu, but definitely worth the try every once in a while. One thing to note however, this is a dish that you HAVE to eat hot, so don't take it away or you'll end up with a soggy mess!

Last but not least, the Asam Fried Rice (RM8.90). Good, filling meal while maintaining its affordability. And while this was not a significantly impressive dish on its own, especially in comparison to a lot of the other ones we tried that day, but when paired with any of the butter or salted egg meats above, would blow your mind.

Black & White Cafe

No. 74, Jalan SS15/4D

47500 Subang Jaya

Open daily from 10:00AM-10:00PM

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