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Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar, Bangkok

During our stay at Hotel Clover Asoke in Bangkok (full review here), we were invited to dine at their rooftop restaurant called the Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar. The city of Bangkok is synonymous with sky bars and rooftop dining establishments. And we were so blessed that the place that we were staying at had one.

Located at the rooftop section of the hotel by the infinity pool, Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar treats diners to an amazing view of the Sukhumvit area overlooking the city, while they get to feast on mouth-watering international modern cuisine.

Just check out this amazing sunset overlooking Bangkok's (in)famous rush hour traffic.

They started us off with a delicious Coconut Shake. Freshly blended coconut meat, coconut water and ice cream served in an actual coconut shell. Perfect to cool you down on a warm and humid evening.

Since pineapples are a hugely common fruit to snack on here in Bangkok, it's no surprise that they like to incorporate the fruit into their drinks too. The Clover Mai Tai is served in an actual pineapple shell, reminding you that you're on a vacation and to unwind after a long day shopping.

You can never go wrong with fried rice when you're in Bangkok (also a bonus as I love rice to bits!). The first dish of the night was the Fried Rice With River Prawns. The fried rice is paired with tasty baked river prawns, garlic chilli sauce and condiments such as chopped tomatoes and pickled garlic for that added zest to it.

We had an additional side of the River Prawns as we couldn't get enough of it. The prawn is cleverly infused with flavours that combine some of Thailand's most used herbs and local freshwater prawns. However, the consistency of the freshwater prawns wasn't something that we're used to but it was mouthwatering nonetheless. Definitely worth a try!

Next up, we sampled the Braised Pork Leg that is a godsend for pork lovers like myself. The braised pork dish is the type you typically find in Chinese restaurants. The meat is braised evenly as it is soft and very tender, just the way I like it.

The dish is accompanied by a couple of freshly steamed 'man tou' buns with a side of garlic chilli sauce to complete the entire experience.

And finally, we tried the house signature pad thai with (even more) prawns! It is just the way pad thai should be - sweet, springy and full of egg!

It was a truly enjoyable dining experience at Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar. We will definitely drop by again for its amazing rooftop view and dinner experience.

Visit their website at for more information.

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