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Blue Lagoon, Superstar Libra Star Cruises

Whenever us Asians travel, especially abroad to Western countries, our palates will long for a taste of home. Thankfully, if you’re cruising with Superstar Cruises out of Malaysia, your local cravings will always be satisfied.

On my first time onboard the Superstar Libra by Star Cruises, I did not know what to expect food-wise. My last experience onboard another cruise ship had me going from one Western restaurant to another (don’t get me wrong, I love Western food - sometimes I even crave for it more than Asian cuisine, but I do need my Asian fix!).

But my experience onboard Superstar Libra was a total 180 of that. Our first meal onboard, before the ship had even left the port, was lunch. We had checked in and put our luggages in the room and were told that we were free to roam around.

We ended up in Blue Lagoon, one of Superstar Libra’s few a la carte restaurants (the rest being buffet styled places). Blue Lagoon is located on the top most deck of Superstar Libra and serves some really awesome local fare.

We started off our meal with a lovely naan and curry combination, with a side of pappadom. It was almost as if we were dining in a mamak (save for the fancy tableware!) because the food tasted so authentic and comforting - just like another one of our mamak meals.

Then we tried the laksa, which was just the right amount of spiciness and saltiness combined. And of course, the freshest seafood possible!

Then, we also got to try a really really lovely fish head beehoon soup. This is highly recommended if you’re a fan of the dish. The chefs have expertly concocted a broth that is super addictive. You have been warned.

Then, we also got to have a taste of the prawn mee, since we were dining with another couple of people. Yes, cruising with many people is the best way to enjoy a cruise! Trust me! That way, you get to try more dishes, participate in more activities as a group and enjoy the whole experience together. The prawn mee is typically not a dish I would order as I am not a fan of the shrimpy taste, but this proved to be very fragrant and did not have that overpowering “river” taste that some prawn mees do.

If you still have to have your Western fix, then Blue Lagoon has it all figured out with their burger. Blue Lagoon is also a halal restaurant - yes, that is certified by Jakim halal. Each restaurant displays their halal certificates on the wall proudly. I have to say the burger still piqued my interest as I wanted to sample their Western offerings.

But Blue Lagoon’s specialty still lies in their Asian dishes. We thoroughly enjoyed the fried beehoon, which had that familiar charred wok flavour that not many restaurants can achieve.

And finally, the best for the last, we had their rendition of a fried rice, which is a generous serving of their signature wok-fried rice, a couple of sticks of one of the best satays I have ever tried, and topped off with a sunny side up egg. And the sambal is the bomb.

If you’re ever onboard Superstar Libra by Star Cruises, you can be sure that you will never go hungry.

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