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BMS Organics, Midvalley Megamall

Sometimes, we need to seek out clean foods to make up for all the sinful things we put in our bodies. It's important to keep a balanced diet. We cannot always indulge in rich, oily foods. But that doesn't mean we have to have salads everyday. It just means that we have to find a way to eat a little healthier.

BMS Organics combines organic groceries with a cafe. So if you're looking to stock up for home and have a decent meal, this can be your go-to place.

BMS Organics is known for their beautiful floral teas that come in these clear teapots so you can admire the natural beauty of your drink. We got to try two types of teas when we visited BMS Organics - a rose, dragonfruit and lemon tea as well as a crysanthemum tea.

None of the teas here are sweetened artificially, so the gentle sweetness of the drinks actually comes from honey and the fruits it contains. Only natural stuff here at BMS Organics!

And who says eating healthy is only about having salads? Here at BMS Organics, the variety goes beyond just greens and introduces you to a world of clean, vegetarian versions of our favourite local dishes.

If you love curry laksa, you'll love BMS Organics' laksa, filled with plenty of vegetables and tofu to make for a complete dish.

If you love your bak kut teh, BMS Organics brings you its herbal soup which tastes so similar to the original thing you won't even realise that this is vegetarian. This is served with a bowl of brown rice.

Finally, if you love your nasi lemak, BMS Organics' Nasi Lemak is not one to be missed. I love the sweet sambal that seemed to carry just the right amount of spice. It made he whole dish come together really well and you know what? After scarfing down the whole dish, you won't feel so guilty!

And if you must have something fried, try their fried mane mushrooms that are not oily, fried to the perfect crispness and is fragrantly delicious.

If you love your desserts, then try their dragonfruit yogurt bowl that is served with jackfruit and apple cider vinegar. I loved the dragonfruit on its own.

Or if soupy desserts is more up your alley, then give their double boiled pear dessert a shot. It's a pleasant, lightly flavoured dessert that is a great end to the meal.

BMS Organics

T-013B, Level 3 Mid Valley Megamall,

59200, Lingkaran Syed Putra

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