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Toriden, The Table @ Isetan the Japan Store

The Table @ Isetan the Japan Store is the perfect go-to place if you're looking for Japanese restaurants that originate from Japan. Toriden is a Michelin star restaurant from Fukuoka Japan specialising in chicken. So if you're looking for beef or pork here, you've come to the wrong place. Chicken is the name of the game and they play it so well here.

To maintain its Japanese standards, many of the restaurant managers here are Japanese and many of their ingredients and ware are imported too.

We made our way to Toriden one rainy Friday evening - perfect weather to indulge in this kind of food - for a very chicken-centric dinner and since it's the weekend, Kirin beers!

We were treated to a couple of starters - the Toriden tamago (RM10), which is a lovely boiled egg served with some chicken miso.

And then we had our Ume course (RM120). This is pretty affordable for the amount of food you get that can feed up to 4! As mentioned earlier, this is the kind of food you would most like to have on rainy days. The warm chicken broth is thick and flavourful and it continues to mature in taste as more chicken parts are added in.

The idea of Toriden is to just sit back and relax and have the waitstaff serve you at the table itself. The soup is brought out first on the portable gas stove and then is left to boil. Afterwards, the waitress will come by with different chicken parts (breast, thigh, chicken meatballs) to add in.

There are, of course, vegetables to add in the soup too.

The chicken meatballs come in minced chicken form and the waitress makes the meatballs on the spot to be put in. Super fresh stuff right there!

The whole dish is later scooped out and plated nicely for you and served in individual portions. You're encouraged to try the soup first with a couple of special sauces like Yuzu Kosyo and Ponzu (tangy citrus based sauces that add a little extra flavour to it). Surprisingly, while the broth alone was perfect in its own right, once you add in the different sauces, it brings different depths to the soup you didn't think was possible.

This soup dish is really quite perfect for four to share and is great to have on cooler nights. You could spend a couple of hours in here just enjoying your meal - that's exactly the experience Toriden wants to offer.

End your meal with a lovely roasted tea to cleanse your palate.

Toriden @ The Table, Isetan the Japan Store LOT 10, No. 50 Jalan Sultan Ismail,

Kuala Lumpur, 50250

Open daily from 11AM-9PM

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