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J&D Espresso, Pavilion KL

J&D Espresso used to be one of the few brunch places to go to in the Klang Valley before the proliferation of brunch places happened. They are, what I would call, one of the pioneers. Their first branch opened up in Bandar Utama many moons ago while their newest branch in Pavilion Elite is a recent addition.

Taking on a very different approach here, J&D Espresso Pavilion Elite gives off a slightly more upscale vibe - clearly to fit in with its surroundings. But it is done in a tasteful, minimalist way. They've revamped the menu for both outlets and now, brunch-goers can enjoy a whole new array of dishes.

Easily one of the most popular dishes here at J&D is their bacon and egg pancakes (RM25), drizzled in maple syrup and served with a poached egg. You would question the mix of sweet and savoury, but once you've tasted it, you'll understand why they're confident with this combination.

Their big breakfast (RM34) here is slightly different, as they add in an interesting croquette, something we don't usually see the dish. But I'm glad for it, as it breaks away from the monotony that most big breakfasts tend to bring.

The scallop aglio olio pasta (RM41) is one that had mixed reviews. Some of us loved it while others felt it fell short. Personally, I thought the scallops were cooked beautifully and the pasta wasn't too oily nor was it too dry. Perhaps it lacked a little seasoning, but that is up to personal preference.

The seafood squid ink pasta (RM39) was another dish that illicited polarising views. I didn't quite fancy it because I'm not a big fan of squid ink, nor did I find the sauce outstanding. But my other dining partners loved it and raved about the creaminess of the sauce and the consistency of the pasta.

But we all agreed that we loved the pad thai linguine with pulled pork (RM29). It was perfect in its unmistakable flavour, tasting as close to the original as possible.

The last dish we tried that everyone loved was the vodka battered fish and chips (RM34). This classic British dish was executed flawlessly and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

J&D Espresso LOT 7.105.00 Pavilion Elite,

168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Open daily from 11AM-9PM

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