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Palillos, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Changkat Bukit Bintang used to be a hotspot for the young'uns to get their party fix on but now that TREC is open, it has quickly become a place where locals flock to for meals (if they dare to deal with the traffic during rush hour).

One of the newer places along the popular party street is Palillos, a Spanish yakitori joint that'll absolutely blow your mind.

You'll feel like you've been transported to a small Japanese restaurant because of its layout and decor. As soon as you walk in, your senses will be treated to a lovely aroma of grilled meats.

So, what is a Spanish yakitori place? Palillos marries the concept of yakitori with what is considered to be classic Spanish ingredients... like iberico pork.

There is a gentle fusion of Spanish influence in the largely Japanese menu. So, you'll get tapas style dishes with Japanese dishes too.

For the start of our meal, we were treated to a pretty common Japanese dish - croquettes (RM17). Palillos has a slightly different take to it, combining the pork with minced beef and Spanish cheese, before deep frying it. This was beautifully prepared - the pork with juicy and the cheese oozed out, generously coating a lot of the meat with each bite.

Next we had the Mizuna salad (RM24), which was a refreshing mix of greens and Serrano ham, paired with ponzu dressing. This was definitely appetising and prepared us well for the following meaty dishes to come.

Finally, we started on the skewers. When dining at yakitori places, the skewers are always the highlight. It's tempting to order everything on the menu and over here at Palillos, that temptation is doubled!

There are plenty of options to choose from - seafood, greens, poultry and other meats. We tried a good variety of their skewers ranging from mushrooms to chicken soft bone to iberico wrapped shishito stuffed with Spanish cheeses (this counts as vegetables, right?).

That is an easy favourite and one that you could easily get addicted to. Other skewers that are pretty unique and worth a try include the Spanish chistorra chorizo sausage with fried bread as well as the bonjiri (chicken hips) and octopus.

There are other mains worth trying here at Palillos, which would include the foil baked prawns.

Try and get your hands on the thick iberico pork slices here - which will melt in your mouth.

And if you're looking for something as a filler, the grilled rice is also worth trying - with a dollop of salted butter on top to make it just a little more sinful.

Sushi and maki are also available here and if you're a pescatarian, you'll find plenty of options here.

If it's one thing you have to try here it is the iberico pork belly (bacon, anyone?) with the rice and nori.

And if you're a fan of marshmallows and strawberries, they've got dessert covered too.

Palillos Changkat Bukit Bintang,

Above Pinchos First Floor, 18, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL Open 5:30PM-1AM Closed Sundays

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