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A Better World for Children by Meatology’s Dinner for Hope

Meatology is organising a charity fundraising to raise funds and more importantly, awareness for the disabled and children home, Pusat Penjagaan Siddharthan located in SS3, Petaling Jaya.

For the whole month of April, Meatology is offering a special dinner menu from part of the proceeds of sale will go towards Pusat Penjagaan Siddharthan. This special dinner menu comes at the cost of RM120 nett, which entitles the purchaser to a 3-course meal, a T-shirt and a token of appreciation that is handmade by the children of the home.

Yenni Law, chef and owner of Meatology, has been seeking opportunities to give back to the society. This materialised in a chance meeting with Eunnice Ong, a life coach which resulted in a integrated coaching and mentorship programme as a way to not only provide for the underprivileged home with financial support but also to nurture those children with the right mind set, skills, and optimistic attitude towards life.

Dinner of Hope not only serves as a platform to raise funds and an ongoing mentorship program but also in increasing the awareness over the responsibilities required to raise a child from broken and difficult homes. The charity event will be held at Meatology Restaurant & Bar, TTDI in which, they welcome both in-kind and monetary sponsorship.

In accordance to UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs), aptly titled ‘Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’. The UN have noted down 17 key developmental areas in order to secure a more favourable and viable future for current and upcoming generations. This is to invest in the future we want.

The owner of the home had a few lines to say in regards to where the home stands currently.

“I took it as a challenge to run this place when it was handed to me so I brought in my family members as my staff and we work as a team to take care of the children and currently, we are fully dependent on public donations and earlier, we housed a total of 35 kids however presently, we are housing only 22, and that is because of the financial aid have been tight recently so we had to let go of some of the children who hosted to a number of disabilities whereas we had no manpower to take care of them.”

– Mr. Manimaran , founder of Pusat Penjagaan Siddharthan.

Call us ar 03-7727 4426 to book a table and show support for the children who needs love during the most important years of their lives.

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