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foodpanda launches the first ever ‘panda retreat’

One of Singapore's leading food delivery service, foodpanda, has announced the launch of a new wellness retreat called 'The Pandanctuary™'.

Looking for a de-stressing retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city? The Pandanctuary™ will let you experience what it's like living like a panda for the weekend.

The retreat has been created by foodpanda following research in the UK that estimates over

10,000 people who enjoy dressing up as animals to escape from the pressures of modern living. I guess that's where the whole animal onesie trend started!

The food delivery company has subsequently identified the benefits of dressing up as a panda, an animal that is renowned for its leisurely behavior, as a way to help people reduce stress and increase feelings of well-being.

To launch the Pandanctuary™ retreat, foodpanda has teamed up with Studio M Hotel on Nanson Road to provide guests with the ultimate panda experience. Think: bespoke ‘panda rooms’ with bamboo plants, play ropes and large water bowls! Living life like an atas panda!

For the in-room dining experience no detail has been spared, with foodpanda joining forces with world-renowned restaurant group Jamie’s Italian to curate special bamboo-inspired menu with dishes and drinks from Bamboo Shoot Risotto to a Bamboo Sling. For those of you booking a panda birthday party, you can even arrange to have bamboo-flavoured cake and candles!

Look out for these retreats starting from 1st April - we promise this is not an April fool's joke! Check out for more details about this retreat.

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