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Emerson's Brewery Dunedin, Dunedin New Zealand

Don’t let the red brick exterior and tall windows fool you into thinking that it’s a fire station. In fact this sleek minimalistic exterior shell houses a successful local brewery. Not only that, there is also a restaurant, and of course, bar inside too.

Upon entering the premises, large glass windows provide a preview to the inner mechanics of the brewery, showing off a labyrinth of interconnecting pipes and silos. And if this is not enough to satisfy your curiosity about the makings of beer, Emerson’s open their cellar door to the public 10am – 6pm daily, and until 8pm Thursday to Saturday. Taste testing is even encouraged!

The industrial theme is continued in the open-plan restaurant. The dark floor and furniture gives the space a cuddle-up-by-a-fire feel, but the well-lit bar livens things up.

The core range of beers produced by Emerson’s includes Pilsner, 1812, Bookbinder and London Porter. Seasonal beers are also manufactured, as well as a range of limited flavors that vary throughout the year. With such a wide selection, Emerson’s have produced a detailed menu describing each unique flavour, including the best meal paring for each.

If you are still having trouble narrowing down your options, why not order a tasting box ($17) that allows you to try an array of six different flavours.

Tonight, we started with a Poutine ($13.50), a Canadian classic that is a rarity in New Zealand. Shoestring chips drowned in gravy and melted cheese. I cannot think of a better way to wake up the taste buds.

One option for mains is a Ribeye Steak ($32) cooked to your liking. Served on a bed of chunky chips, topped with a disc of café de Paris butter, and dressed with a red wine jus. Mouthwateringly delicious, it hit all the right taste spots!

If beef is not your thing, you might like to try the Braised Lamb Neck ($31). Served with Ratatouille, and a tomato-lemon salsa. For lamb lovers out there, this is no disappointment. Cooked to perfection, the meat just falling apart.

Emerson’s menu is designed to cater for your every need, whether you feel like a snack and a cold beer, sharing a plate and a couple of drinks with friends, or a sit down meal. There is something for everyone, including the little kiddies.

Emerson’s Brewery Dunedin

70 Anzac Ave,

Dunedin 9016

Open daily from 10am to 10pm, Thursday to Saturday till 12.30pm

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