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Lagavulin 200th Anniversary, Publika

Anyone who can say that they don't understand whiskey clearly has never tried Lagavulin. I used to be one of those people who didn't get it until I saw the light through Lagavulin's 200th anniversary event. Held at the Black Box, Publika, I was lucky enough to try the different ages of whiskeys in one sitting (and still make it out of there alive).

We had the privilege of having Adam Brewer (above), a Diageo World Class winner, working with Diageo Singapore, as well as Fabricio Marques from Reserve Brands, Singapore to run through with us this sensory experience of Lagavulin through the years.

The ages available for Lagavulin's selections are as follows, 8, 12, 16, 25. It's interesting that for Lagavulin, as their whiskeys mature they seem to resemble human characteristics in a sense where, the bodies get heavier, and their behaviours in the palate changes over time.

8 Years

The bottle of 8 years Lagavulin is their flagship product, which is also one leaders of malt whiskeys in the market. It comes spicy and vibrant, and a little dry. Texture-wise, it's quite light bodied. It lingers in your palate for quite long, mainly in the jaw. What I really like about this is the smokiness.

12 Years

The bottle of 12 years is bottled at natural cask strength. Annually produced, every year is a different flavour. it has a beautiful golden straw colour, and a chocolate-y note. The moment you sip it, it comes with an explosive heat, and stays in your palate for very long. It's a really oily and rich whiskey, which I can imagine having cigar with.

16 Years

Compared to its younger counterparts, it has a more subtle note. It also has smoother texture, as well as overall smokey and peppery flavour to it.

25 Years

100% sherry flavoured, its alcohol by volume is 51%, but you won't notice the strength of alcohol. In the nose, you don't smell any smoke. The best way to indulge in this, is by adding drops of water, and enjoy the cinnamon and Christmas cake aromas open up after each drop of water. You know what to do this coming Christmas!

With that said, it was an amazing 200th Anniversary celebration, and hope that Lagavulin has many more successful years to come.

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