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GinRikSha: the cocktail menu

GinRikSha has wowed us with their food but did you know that they also serve cocktails? The cocktails here are pretty reasonably priced - much more so than places like Omakase + Appreciate and Skullduggery. Of course, this isn't some "speakeasy" but ultimately, I have yet to try any cocktails in Malaysia that have really blown me away. Singapore's a different story.

So if you're in the neighbourhood and you're looking for a place with good food and decently priced drinks, this should be your go-to spot.

Start off with something refreshing like the Zombie (yes, I am aware of the irony). Don't be fooled by the name - this drink actually perks you up rather than drags you down. The Zombie (RM33) is a mixture of dark rum, white rum and pineapple juice, which gives it a nice sour taste that'll wake you right up.

In Singapore, the mixologists are very much into sensory drinks and it is nice to see more sensory drinks making its way to bars here in KL. GinRikSha opts for something simple yet elegant in their sensory drink experience, marrying the beautiful incense of burning cinnamon with a smooth blend of three whiskeys. Ask for the Smoking Threesome to enjoy this bad boy that is made with a shot of Lagavulin 16, Chivas 12 and Glenlivet 12.

For something on the milder side, go for the Star Walker (RM38) which is skilfully blended with Maker's Mark bourbon, lemon juice, a chai mix and egg white. Delish!

For something on the creamier side, you might want to try their Espresso Yourself (RM30), which is a combination of a shot of espresso and rum. Straightforward, pleasant and easy on the tastebuds.

One of my favourite drinks to have at cocktail places is one with passionfruit in them - for some reason, it takes a long time for me to consume the passionfruit, leaving me to nurse the one drink for a pretty long time. The Passion Fusion (RM33) here at GinRikSha is a very well-blended concoction consisting of vodka, lemon, passionfruit and mint leaves. Utterly refreshing and it's really pretty for Instagramming too!

If it's another drink that you ought to try from their sensory line of drinks, it's their Cheeky Monkey Punch (RM35). The name is derived from one of its ingredients - the Monkey Shoulder whiskey - which is fused effortlessly with lemon juice and ginger and topped off with another lit cinnamon stick for that spicy aroma.

Drinks at GinRikSha range from RM26 to RM40. Be sure to also try their food!

GinRikSha 37, Ground Floor, Plaza Damansara,

Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

03-2011 1266

Open Mon - Sat from 4PM - 12:30AM

Closed on Sundays

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