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GinRikSha, Bukit Damansara

Since our first visit to GinRikSha, the place has undergone some light adjustments - to its decor and the food menu!

We love the new colourful bicycle wheels, it certainly brightens up the ceilings and matches beautifully with the cheerful walls.

The latest addition to the dining area is these three large mirrors too, completing the decor of this casual dining establishment. Since its opening, GinRikSha had only been open for dinner but they are now open for lunch too!

This time round, we decided to have some heavy dishes before tasting their cocktails. The lamb shank and biryani rice is something that I would recommend to try if you're looking for a heavy main to indulge in. The lamb is so tender, it falls off the bone and the rice is so fragrant that we couldn't help but ask for extra servings.

What I have to say is the star of the night (and part of their new menu) is these beautifully baked cranberry cream cheese puffs. It isn't very descriptive in the menu, it only says that it's sure to wow you and that couldn't be more of an apt description. After trying the first bite, I can understand why this dish will leave you speechless.

Another new dish on the menu is their mango chutney papadoms served with yogurt. Because the GinRikSha menu is so extensive, you're better off coming here in a big group so you can order plenty of side dishes to share. But for small groups even, you could order a number of their appetisers to share tapas style.

If you're going to be drinking, the perfect beer food is also present here at GinRikSha, in the form of their buffalo wings!

And if your Chinese side overpowers you on a daily basis and you MUST have a fix of something familiar, then go with their butter milk prawns. You will not be disappointed.

And like i mentioned before, the best way to enjoy GinRikSha is to do so by ordering plenty of starters tapas style, so even though we had a main to share, we still had plenty of space left for the tapas. One of the last tapas we tried before moving on to the cocktails is the lamb kofta meatballs. A very lovely recipe which doesn't have a strong lamb flavour to it and instead, focuses on the blend of spices.

GinRikSha 37, Ground Floor, Plaza Damansara,

Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

03-2011 1266

Open Mon - Sat from 11AM - 12:30AM

Closed on Sundays

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