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Shiga Food Fest @ Lewin Terrace

Known for holding private, intimate events such as wedding receptions, birthdays and family gatherings. Lewin Terrace provides a level of exclusivity and privacy, while maintaining accessibility, just behind the Central Fire Station, and also within the vicinity of the Registry of Marriages.

With Chefs Kenji Kiyomoto and Takeshi Kawanishi leading their team of culinary experts, their goal is to bring the food of the Shiga Prefecture into the Singapore market.

One of the main things, the team has brought to the market here in Singapore is their “Zen-Sai” items. Ranging from soy-based, to potato-based and even fish products; these products are prepared by skilled chefs in Japan, and then frozen, packed and exported. The frozen food can then be heated up at your home, with no cooking required. How cool is it that you can now buy, and have professionally prepared Japanese food, right in the comfort of your own home!

A small piece of advice, I feel obliged to share, is that since the general population in Singapore is accustomed to the mainstream Japanese dishes; the Zen-Sai offerings, though pretty spectacular to us, might not immediately appeal to all at first taste.

I got to try Funa-zushi (鮒寿司), also known as fermented carp prepared in one of the most ancient styles of sushi. In a way, the strong odour is definitely reminiscent of cheese. Once you get past that, you will be treated to a fruity and tangy taste of the fish.

Shiga has a reputation for its high quality wagyu beef, Omi Beef. Despite its clear and beautiful fatty marbling, the first impression I got the moment I put a piece into my mouth, was “chocolate?” as it does contain a caramelised taste (for those food science geeks, the Maillard reaction); it had a clean aftertaste, or to put it more simply, it did not have a meaty taste. – Just wow!

With that said, I really hope that the team successfully brings its products from the Shiga region into Singapore. Also, if you are looking for a unique Japanese-French fusion experience with an ambience, do check them out as they have menus that change accordingly to every season.

Lewin Terrace

21 Lewin Terrace, 179290

Tel: 6333 9905

Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday

Lunch: 12:00pm-03:00pm

Dinner: 06:30pm-11:00pm

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