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The Table at ISETAN the Japan Store, Lot 10

Japanese food lovers are going to be very pleased with the offerings at The Table, which just opened at ISETAN the Japan Store in Lot 10 last week. The preview saw 400 guests gather at the very Japanese-centric food place and I think The Table is a good contender for the saturated market of Japanese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur city centre. It offers the top Japanese restaurants right here in the heart of town and its prices are reasonable.

Organised by Mad Hat PR, the event was of course, as classy as classy gets. However, the only thing I felt could have been improved with the whole set up that night was the flow of guests trying out the different food at the 5 outlets there. All the guests were given vouchers to redeem at each outlet and we were told that we had to queue up for the individual places.

The queues were pretty long and we ended up skipping out on the sushi because of that.

But we did get to try the other specialty offerings of the night like the pork loin katsu, which was pretty amazing, in my opinion. It easily rivals Ma Maison's katsu and if I dare say, it is the best katsu I have had in Kuala Lumpur to date. The batter was fried to perfection, coating the juicy loin and it was served with their in-house katsu sauce and Japanese cream - which went perfectly with the meat.

Next, because of the long queues, we decided to head to Tokyo Restaurant to try out their desserts. And it was there that we discovered the best Japanese cheesecake to ever reach the shores of Malaysia. Uncle Tetsu... step aside.

We tried the mixed fruit bowl as well, but really, this was nothing to shout about.

What was really to die for was this cheesecake right here. Even though the portion may be a bit small, this cheesecake is worth every penny. It is soft and moist and directly imported from Japan. There is nothing better than finishing off a meal with this.

Next up, we got in the queue to try out the Japanese hot pot and onsen egg.

It was quite a treat to taste the hotpot - though it turned out to be the least impressive dish of the night, that is only the case because it was running against the katsu and the wagyu beef barbeque.

We were also treated to a little bit of chicken karaage.

Truly, the best dish of the night, which outshone the rest of dishes (thankfully we had this last!), was the barbeque wagyu beef.

They have somehow managed to bring in the best Japanese wagyu beef and even though we had to grill it ourselves, and tried it at varying degrees of doneness, each bite was like heaven in our mouths.

It was truly a pity that we could not try the sushi there at The Table as by the time we wanted to join the queue for it, it was closing time. But we will most definitely be back to try the tons of other food stuff here we have yet to sink our teeth into.

The Table Isetan the Japan Store, Lot 10

4th Floor No. 50 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Open daily from 11AM-10PM

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