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Tealive is now live!

Tealive, which is officially pronounced as "tea-laive", is now live for all the tea lovers out there to enjoy!

After a highly anticipated wait over the past few weeks as the drama between Loob Holdings and La Kaffa unravelled very publicly in the media and online, Tealive is here and foodievstheworld is backing the local brand.

So we decided to pop by one of the outlets and we happened to be at Shaftsbury Square in Cyberjaya so we picked up a couple of drinks on the way back.

The new Tealive menu rolled out at all the Tealive outlets featuring similar drinks. Only their new signature brown sugar milk tea was unavailable for order. But since they've kept the main theme colours from the previous brand, little had to be done in relation to interior design and furnishings.

The quality has been maintained and the staff still remain as cheery and service-oriented. And I've gotta say that we love the new Tealive logo too!

Congratulations to Bryan and Loob Holdings for starting this new chapter.

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